What Is Your Ruling Planet?  Its Meaning, According to Your Zodiac?

Ruling Planet

Did you know that every star sign has a ruling planet? That heavenly body exerts a strong effect on the sign, impacting your personality and everyday life. Psychic readings online can give detailed info about the many ways your ruling planet shapes your goals, strengths and relationships. In the meantime, you can learn the basics here.

Sagittarius = Jupiter

Lovers of adventure and learning, those born under the archer have the benefit of Jupiter’s luck. The namesake of the Roman god of thunder, Jupiter, substantially impacts fate and belief. Sagittarius is uniquely positioned to have a route laid out, but it’s up to the travelers to decide whether they want to stay the course or take the road less traveled.

Capricorn = Saturn

Psychic readings for Capricorn describe the sea goat as ambitious, level-headed and practical to a fault. Saturn, named for the Roman god of time, is its ruling planet. Saturn is also a symbol of ambition, and those born under Capricorn often find themselves stumbling across great opportunities. By aligning with Saturn’s influence, they can take full advantage of these experiences and prosper:

  • Taking responsibilities seriously
  • Managing time well
  • Staying disciplined
  • Adhering to structure

Leo = The Sun

While not a planet, the sun is an important heavenly body in astrology. It never goes into retrograde, making Leo a dependable sign even though it burns with a fiery passion.

As the heavenly body ruling self, the sun is the reason Leos are confident and always the center of attention. Those born under the lion also exude energy, uplifting others around them, in no small part due to their ruling planet’s unlimited power.

Cancer = The Moon

The moon is another ruling “planet” that’s not technically a planet by scientific standards but plays a pivotal role in astrology. Constantly changing yet predictable and ever-present (even though it’s often out of sight), the moon governs the following:

  • Moods
  • Emotions
  • The unconscious

As a water sign, Cancer is already deeply in tune with spiritual and emotional needs. The moon — which controls the tides — amplifies these natural attributes, making those born under the crab incredibly intuitive and mercurial.

Taurus = Venus

The planet named for the goddess of love rules Taurus, the bull. As you can imagine, Venus’s sphere of influence covers the following:

  • Beauty
  • Attraction
  • Love
  • Relationships

For this earth sign, that manifests as a fondness for luxury. Comfy pajamas, fuzzy blankets and fluffy pillows are high on Taurus’s list of favorite indulgences.

Scorpio = Pluto and Mars

Once classified as a planet, Pluto bears the name of the Roman god of the underworld. Its reign over rebirth, power and destruction plays a role in Scorpio’s air of mystery and secretiveness.

Interestingly, Scorpio used to lay under Mars’s dominion. This contributes to the scorpion’s passionate nature despite being a water sign.

The more you learn about the stars on the day of your birth, the more power you have over your destiny. You can research by scheduling psychic readings for Sagittarius (or your applicable zodiac sign), reading about astrology and getting your natal chart. With the stars to guide you, you can take on the world.

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