25 Things Guys Like to Hear From Their Girlfriends

25 Things Guys Like to Hear From Their Girlfriends

Statistics have shown that 65% of divorces are caused by communication problems. The same issues are inherent in unmarried couples. More often than not, relationships have broken down either because some things were not said or not said enough. In fact, communication is regarded as the most important ingredient in all interpersonal relationships.

However, many people have erroneously believed that men are only moved by what they see. Unfortunately, those assertions are incomplete. Men are moved by what they see as much as they are by what they hear. When it comes to compliments and words of affirmation, men are rarely ever the object of the conversation. But in truth, guys like to hear from their girlfriends kind words as much as women do. So if you’re reading this and you find yourself asking, “what do guys want in a relationship” below are 25 things guys like to hear from their girlfriends. 

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Yes, your man loves compliments too. “Hey, you’re so handsome. I like your new haircut” These are examples of good compliments for guys. Tell him how cute he is when he dresses for work and be the first to use a love reaction on the selfies he posts on his social media. These are compliments guys like to hear. Compliments are one of the best things to say to a man to make him stay in love with you. There are many sweet compliments for guys. But the best compliments to give guys are the ones that are genuinely from the heart. Hence, it’s essential to add a bit of originality to your compliments.

Pet Names

What do guys like to be called? Pet names! Sure, your man has a name but giving him a pet name can be sweet. A pet name that only you get to call him is a great way to make him feel special. The name might be generic and romantic, like ‘babe’ or ‘baby.’ Instead of aimlessly searching “what do guys like to be called in a relationship” on Google, you can also use a derivative of his actual name or just a word that reminds you of him. Giving him a pet name is a sure way to keep the romance fresh. 


So what do guys like to hear more than compliments and pet names? Appreciation! Saying ‘thank you’ never goes out of fashion. Saying it to your boyfriend makes him feel appreciated and even want to do more. Always acknowledge what he does for you, no matter how little, and show gratitude. Tell him how his acts of service impact your life. Don’t begin to take his little sacrifices or help for granted. Appreciating your man is a way to keep the relationship healthy. 


Words of encouragement lovingly said have double the effect. Tell him how proud you are of him. Be his hype woman and cheerleader. Always let him know how impressive his accomplishments are. Let him know you believe in him and be his number 1 fan. Hearing how great he is can be a confidence booster for your man. It will keep him happy and your relationship healthy and happy too. 

Express Your Feelings

Express Your Feelings

Every man wants to hear about this. It helps them know that they are doing something right. Tell him how he makes you feel. Let him know how his words and his actions affect you. Don’t be afraid to tell him you love him if you actually do. Be very vocal about your feelings from time to time. Let him know his efforts in the relationship are making your feelings grow. 


Nobody likes to be offended. It is worse when you refuse to admit it and apologize. But since you’re human, offending your man is inevitable. Whenever that happens, be quick to admit your faults and apologize. Apologize to your man when wrong, show him you respect him, and see him as an important part of your life. It shows that you are willing to put your pride aside and do the right thing. It also tells him you are ready to make your relationship work. 

Tell Him You Are Taking Him Out on a Date

Men love to be spoiled too. Your man will absolutely love to hear that you are taking him out on your own dime. It will make him feel special and appreciated. It also leaves a good impression on him. Such an act will keep the romance alive and sizzling. It is a sweet way to make your boyfriend happy. 

Tell Him It’s Ok to Go Out With His Friends

It is sweet that you want your man around at all times. But he also needs to be with his friends sometimes to hang out and unwind. Don’t make him feel guilty about that. It is healthy for him and your relationship to keep friends outside the relationship. It will make him feel good if you are ok with him hanging out with ‘the guys.’

Ask For His Help

Being an independent woman is cool. But men like to feel needed. Often, they are very protective and want to know they are taking care of their woman. Even if you don’t need any help, ask for your man’s help randomly. Making him feel needed is a great confidence booster. It makes your man feel good to grant you favors, no matter how small. 

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Praise His Sexual Prowess

What do guys like to hear in bed? They want to listen to you sing their praises. Most men want to feel like studs in the bedroom. Telling your man how great he is in bed is definitely what he wants to hear. It is one of the best ways to make him feel like a man. It wouldn’t hurt even to embellish the truth a bit. Tell him he’s the best you ever had. Make him feel like you can never get enough of him. Tell him everything he does right in the bedroom and the effect his bedroom antics have on your body. These are things to say to your boyfriend to make him horny. 

Random Words of Affection

It is lovely for your man to wake up to texts from you. Write love notes and drop them around the house. Send him random texts in the middle of the workday to make him know you are thinking of him. What do guys like to be called over text? Well, anything sweet. It could be  “baby, or my love.” It could even be a pet name. These are loving things to say to him. You can also whisper sweet words into his ears when you are together in public. Tell him how much you miss him when you are not together. 

Accept His Family

A man never wants to feel like he has to choose between his woman and his family. It is a relief and a score for you if you accept and get along with his family. Let him know that you accept and care about his family as you do him. It is draining when he has to keep you and his family apart. Genuinely accepting and loving them is a sure way to keep your man happy. 

Seek for His Opinion

Asking your man for his opinion shows you respect him. It tells him that you believe he’s smart and intelligent and appreciates his input. It helps create a stronger bond in your relationship. It also makes the relationship exciting and gives you something to work together on. Seeking his opinion will show you more things you have in common and even areas to work on. 



Yes, men love funny women. Random jokes and friendly banter are examples of things guys like to hear from their girlfriends. In fact, many men will fall in love with funny women before pretty women. Imbibe humor in your conversations. Make him laugh at least once a day. Be able to snap him out of a sour mood with your wit. Make lewd jokes; yes, men love that! Turn awkward situations into humorous ones. Laugh with him more than you laugh at him. Laughing together will strengthen your bond and keep the relationship fun.

Initiate Sex

Initiate Sex

Men love to have sex. They love it more when their woman initiates it. It makes them feel sexy and wanted. Telling your man you want to have sex is a great turn-on. He’d probably trip over himself trying to get out of his clothes. It is a great way to make your man feel good about himself. It will also kick the romance in your relationship up a notch. Don’t always wait for him to initiate. Sometimes go to him first and tell him you want to. While in bed, ask him what he wants. There are many things guys like in bed but won’t ask for. But if you make him feel he can tell you anything, you’ll soon find out how to satisfy your man completely. 

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Tell Him What You Actually Want

Many women expect men to be mind readers. Your man will not know what you want if you don’t say it – telling him what you want will save a lot of stress and unnecessary anger. Men love outspoken and assertive women. It definitely helps your relationship if you just tell him what you want and when. Don’t expect him to anticipate your needs and wants. Be direct if you want him to get your message. 


This is another example of what men want to hear in a text. Men can be insecure too. It is your job as his woman to dispel any insecurities. Tell him everything will be ok. Let him know you are always going to be in his corner. Make him believe that he’s doing well in life. Tell him he can succeed in whatever project he’s embarking on. Let him know that your relationship is essential to you, and you are vested in its outcome too. If he has doubts about any aspect of his life, help him clear them.

Tell Him You Got Him Gifts

Everyone loves gifts. It is more thrilling when it’s from a loved one. Buying gifts from your man is a lovely act. It makes him feel loved and cared for. It shows that you think about him. Don’t just buy gifts; buy thoughtful gifts. Let every gift be meaningful and valuable, no matter how small. This is another way to add romance to your relationship and further bonding. Men love to know that their woman is willing to spend money on them, no matter how small. 

Speak Highly of Him to People

What compliments do guys like? Guys like all kinds of compliments. But the best types are always the ones you say to people when he’s not there. Men love it when their women speak highly of them. It can be to friends or family or even strangers. It soothes their ego and Puffs out their chest with pride. Tell people what a great man and boyfriend he is. Extol his many virtues and do not talk down on him. This will make him feel very special and respected. It will also make people respect him more, and there’s no one happier than a man who feels he has people’s respect. 

Defend Him

Even if your man is wrong, do not show it in public. Stand by and with him. Speak up for him. Defend him with your words. Never join the mob to attack your man. Join him and put up a united front in public. Show him that you are his most prominent defender. Speaking up for him will show him that you care about him. It will also show him that you are with him for the long haul. 

Correct Him With Love

Men will accept corrections when given with love. Most of them will balk if you tell them off with a high tone. But if you wait till he’s calm and correct him with love in your voice, he’d most likely be contrite. Tell him what he did wrong and how to make it right. Correcting your man with love and respect will help your relationship grow stronger. Respect is reciprocal; he will most likely accord you more respect if he sees that you respect him. 

Acknowledge His Hard Work

If your man does a lot and works really hard, praise him for it. Tell him you see how hard he works and that you appreciate it. Tell him that it’s ok to take a break sometimes. Make him know that you do actually see how hard he works. Telling him this will be a push for him to work harder. Your words will act as the wind beneath his sail. 

Ask Him How His Day Was

Men listen to their women a lot, but sometimes they need to be listened to. After a long day, ask your man how his day went. Let him feel safe enough with you to vent. Make him know that you are interested in his day-to-day activities. Listen to him talk and give your opinion if needed. If he just wants you to listen, listen to him talk without interrupting. This simple act will make you and your man bond further. 

Ask Him What He Would Like to Eat

They say the way to a man’s heart is his stomach. Men love it when their woman cooks for them. Show him you care by asking his food preference and making it for him. Cooking for your man will make him feel special and loved. Coming home after a long day to his favorite food will make his feelings for you grow more. A well-fed man is a happy man. 

Tell Him How Much You Respect Him

Respect is an integral part of a relationship. It’s ok to show him how much you respect him with your actions. But it is also important to tell your man how much you respect him. Telling him how much you respect him will make him feel more important. It will show him you rate him highly. Put a value on your man with your words. Showing your man utmost respect will give room for growth in your relationship. 

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Final Thoughts

Be sure to take note of the things guys like to hear from their girlfriends. Calling him the right thing is an excellent way to show your affection. You might not always get it right, but try to put some or all of the points mentioned above to good use. It’s the best way to make your boyfriend happy. And making him happy will, in turn, make your relationship a happy one.

Frequently saying loving words to your man is one of the ways to ensure your relationship lasts long. It is important to note that men can be sensitive and good at internalizing their feelings. Whether you are doing it in a text or face to face, be attuned to your man’s needs and wants and react accordingly.

Remember, a happy partner equals a happy relationship!

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