100% Working Ways to Track My Boyfriend By Phone Number For Free

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Relationships are often unsavory when you put in more effort than the other person. Typically, a deficiency in communication can cause the imbalance, and it could start as harmless as your boyfriend not telling you his whereabouts. This behavior leaves the door wide open for infidelity.

Of course, those are facts and not assumptions. Statista reports like this indicate that infidelity is common in relationships, and men are likely to be culprits. 

Don’t you think a little secrecy makes things worse for your case? Thus, you’ll need to take bolder steps to ensure your boyfriend isn’t going out of line.

Things may get complex, seeing as smartphones are capable of helping individuals hide things from their partners. 

Ironically, the same technological advancements have made it possible to track and monitor your boyfriend’s activities more accurately. 

But how do you take a step towards that? One way to do it is by tracking his location secretly. It might seem dangerous, but monitoring your BF works when done correctly. This piece highlights some of the best methods you can use.

Let’s get started!

Locate My Boyfriend By Phone Number For Free: Software Method

Spying on your boyfriend might be difficult if you try to do it physically. Spy software can handle this complex task for you, as that’s a tidier alternative.

Spy applications can precisely get someone’s location, leaving the target none the wiser about it. 

These apps can achieve that by capturing the person’s phone number and using the network properties to triangulate their position on a map in real time. 

Typically, you can get any spy application in free or paid versions.

Furthermore, a regular app that tracks phone location could give you service access in a free trial of up to 14 days. 

Vendors like mSpy take things further by offering users a 10-day money-back guarantee. With this caveat, you can try out all the premium functions within the app for ten days and get a refund if you don’t like what you got.

These are great deals on spy applications to monitor your BF. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to pay for these services, you can download their hacked variations via torrent. It bears mentioning that such a move is not the best as these applications require updates to function optimally.

Additionally, you could avail yourself of huge discounts on paid spy software during certain holidays. At such times, you can get the premium tracking features for up to 90% off the base price.

NOTE: You’ll only have access to limited functionalities during the trial period, while you get the rest when you pay for a subscription. 

5 Apps That Track Phone Location for Free 

Tracking your boyfriend’s location is a delicate activity, and it’s best to use spy software that gets you the most chance of success and zero detection. 

Below are some of the best location tracking spyware you can get online:

#1 Detectico: Track Boyfriend By Phone Number


We start the list with arguably the best location-based tracking solution you can find today. Detectico is a nifty service that lets you view your BF’s location 24/7.

The great thing about the spying service is that it lets you locate your boyfriend by phone number for free. 

Also, the Detectico platform won’t see you fiddling with technical settings or configurations. It’s that simple to use! 

Furthermore, Detectico is entirely web-based, and you can access it remotely with a cell phone or PC web browser. 

To use Detectico, insert his phone number at the appropriate segment at the site, and create a text message. Afterward, Detectico will hyperlink it and send it to your boyfriend. 

If your BF clicks on this link, Detectico will give you his real-time location and the places he’s visited. You also don’t have to fret about this service’s compatibility, as Detectico supports almost any network carrier globally.

#2 North App: Free Phone Tracker

north app

Next on the list is North App: an ideal phone tracker application if you’re in the market for an alternative to Detectico. Both apps share the same SMS-based tracking technique, but the North App has a few more “aces” up its sleeves.

The app has an exclusive multi-number support feature that lets you track your boyfriend’s phone using several phone numbers. This app comes in handy if you crave stealth and don’t want your monitoring activities traced back to you.

To use the app’s multi-tracking feature, add the phone numbers you and other users would like to monitor to the tracking list. Now, North App will grant them real-time access to the target’s location. 

This add-on is excellent for those who would like other individuals to track their boyfriend’s phone without him knowing. Due to this function, North App ranks as one of the best standalone location trackers ever. 

#3 eyeZy: Pinpoint Feature


Did you know that you can get location monitoring as a part of a more extensive spyware suite? The Pinpoint feature within the eyeZy is an excellent option you can consider. You’ll get this premium function once you pay for a subscription for eyeZy. 

Also, Pinpoint adopts on-device integration instead of SMS-based tracking, providing you precise and timely location information of your BF 24/7.

Moreover, you’ll get additional data bits like your BF’s last-visited and most-visited areas. Since eyeZy is an extensive spyware service for a start, you can link the Pinpoint feature to the Geo-fencing function. 

This combo will alert you when your boyfriend enters a particular region on a detailed map. If you want a more convenient tracking experience, you can activate automated notifications that will get delivered wherever you are in the city.

#4 mSpy: Live GPS Tracker


It should be no surprise that you can accurately track your boyfriend’s location via mSpy, given how massive and popular it has become as a premium spy software over the years. 

You can use the GPS Phone Tracker within mSpy to stealthily view your boyfriend’s whereabouts.

How do I track my boyfriend’s phone through GPS on the mSpy app? The feature works in real-time and only requires pairing between the target smartphone and an active mSpy account. Afterward, it’ll show the live map in your Control Panel and give you information on the recent places your boyfriend has visited.

mSpy’s live GPS tracker works on all target phones, whether it runs on Android or iOS. The app’s pricing is cost-effective. Now, you can enjoy the live GPS feature on a budget.

#5 SpyBubble: Find the Exact Location


SpyBubble is one of the more robust, feature-packed spyware apps you can download from the Internet. 

You’d find the location tracking functionality among the many other spying features within the SpyBubble app. It lets you see where your boyfriend’s headed, so you can be sure he isn’t seeing someone else behind your back.

The location tracking feature accurately determines the target’s whereabouts using their phone’s GPS radio

The data gets transmitted to your SpyBubble account in real-time, and you can access it from a web browser remotely. 

What’s more? You can easily pair the location tracking feature with automated notifications so that you’ll also get alerted by the target’s movements.

Furthermore, SpyBubble has extensive support for the mobile and desktop devices your BF might be using, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac computers.

How to Put a Tracker on Someone’s Phone?

Do you ask the “how do I track my boyfriend’s location with a service like Detectico” question? Below are some of the steps we recommend that you take:

Step 1. Key in Target’s Phone number in the Search Bar

How can I track my boyfriend’s location without him knowing? The first step is to provide his phone number in the search field of the spyware application. 

You can find the search bar on the first page of most location monitoring applications – as is the case with services like Detectico.

The application will also need you to craft a message to carry the tracking link to the target phone.

Step 2. Send a Text From the Servers

After inputting the target phone number and preparing an accompanying message, click on the Send icon to prompt the spying service to send the link to your BF’s phone. 

With a service like Detectico, the procedure would only take a few minutes. You must note that you won’t get charged for the SMS the spying service will send to the target phone.

Step 3. Target Hits the Link to Kick-Start Tracking

Once you successfully send the linked message, you’ll have to wait for the target to open the message and tap on the link. 

The connection gets established, and you’ll begin to see your boyfriend’s location point-by-point.

NOTE: Make your text as convincing as possible. A compelling message will increase the likelihood that the target follows through by visiting the link on his device. As his girlfriend, you can create some witty messages about your partner’s preferences.

How to Track Someone on Google Maps Without Them Knowing?

google maps

It’s possible to monitor your boyfriend’s phone without downloading or installing third-party spyware. 

All you have to do is open the Google Maps application on your smartphone and log in with your man’s Gmail logins. Google Maps can display the current location of every device active on the profile, and your boyfriend’s device would get detected in real-time.

However, we strongly advise that you avoid Google Maps and seek other proven alternatives. The primary disadvantage to the option is that it’s highly detectable. With the recent updates to the app, users would get notified each time their real-time location gets shared by someone else. 

That blows every chance to spy on your boyfriend without getting detected. 

As a result, any guide that aims to show you how to track someone on Google Maps without them knowing becomes redundant. 

Additionally, Google is now focused on privacy-themed creations nowadays, and you won’t have full access to someone else’s GPS location on the platform without their permission.

How Do I Track My Boyfriend’s Location: Snapchat Method 


You can also test out another free phone tracker with no credit card needed, which would require your BF’s Snapchat profile. You can either log in to the account and view the location history or use social engineering skills to get him to share his SnapMap. Typically, that contains the location data of your boyfriend, and it gets updated in real-time.

Like the Google Maps option, tracking your boyfriend’s location has a significant con that makes it challenging to recommend to anyone. 

The entire tracking success of this option leans heavily on the location access toggle in the target’s Snapchat account. This policy means there’s nothing you can do if your boyfriend decides to turn off his location access.

Tracking someone’s location through Snapchat is possible, but you’re better off investing in third-party spy applications.


Do you have a reason to suspect that your boyfriend is no longer committed to the relationship as before? 

That may be rough on you emotionally, but you’d need to pick yourself up and take the next logical steps. It’s important to get facts like the places your boyfriend visits and who he converses with all day.

You can use spy apps to retrieve your boyfriend’s location information without him noticing it. That way, you can tell if he’s lying about where he’s been the whole day.

Doesn’t spying on your boyfriend sound a bit extreme and illegal? You may have legitimate and permissible reasons to spy on your boyfriend. 

For instance, most courts and jurisdictions will waive secret location tracking if the relationship has been abusive. Otherwise, you’d need to obtain consent from your BF before remotely tracking his location. However, if you still want to go ahead with the location tracking venture or learn how to track your boyfriend without him knowing for free, you’d need the right tools and software. You’d find the best monitoring options discussed above, together with the step-by-step guide on how to get real-time location spy applications into your boyfriend’s phone.

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