The Top 19 First Date Gifts for Him and Her: What to Buy Your Lover for the First Time

First Date Gifts

You’ve finally asked the special person on the date and heard “Yes”? We congratulate you on the start of a new romance! If you want to impress your crush, the first date gift is a great option to start the relationship on the right foot. After all, what could be more romantic than receiving a gift from the person you’re just getting to know?

You might be afraid to put too much pressure on the budding relationship, but don’t worry – we have plenty of first date gift ideas. Whether you’re looking for something for your girlfriend or boyfriend, we’ve got you covered.

The Most Perfect 19 First Date Gifts

The first date is an exceptional occasion. It’s when two people begin to get to know each other, and it can be the beginning of something beautiful. If you’re looking for gift ideas for your perfect first date, look no further! This article will discuss 19 of the best gifts for first dates. Whether you’re buying for a man or a woman, we have you covered!

Flowers On First Date

Flowers On First Date

The best way to make someone feel loved is by giving them flowers. Despite it being a traditional gift, giving flowers is the perfect way to show how much you care about your dating person. Plus, it’s always a great way to make your date feel special and appreciated.

There are so many different types of flowers that you can choose from to find the perfect one for your loved one. You could go with a classic bunch of roses or try something more unique like lilies or orchids. No matter what type of flowers you choose, they’ll be sure to appreciate the gesture.

A word of warning: avoid giving tulips to someone as a first date gift! Tulips represent infidelity in some countries, so it might not be the best gift to offer if you want to ensure that things don’t get too serious too soon!

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Chocolates Are Great Date Gifts


What’s more romantic than sharing some delicious chocolates with your date? Whether you go for milk, dark, or white chocolate, this gift will surprise your crush and make them feel special. Make sure to choose a box or gift bag that’s pretty and decorative so your date knows you put some thought into it. More creative way, especially as first date gifts for her, are hand-made sweets looking like flowers or other romantic symbols.

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, how about gift vouchers to a chocolate workshop? This will allow your date to create their amazing chocolates, and they’ll be sure to appreciate the effort you put in.

A Nice Meal For A Perfect First Date

If you want to treat your date, then cook them a nice meal! This gift is personal and intimate, and it shows that you care about their taste. It is especially suitable if you have been close friends before dating. Pick a recipe that you know your date will love, and make sure to prepare everything yourself.

This first date gift will make your date feel special, and it’s a great way to show off your cooking skills!

If cooking a meal seems too much work, why not take your date out for dinner instead? There are plenty of restaurants that offer gift vouchers, so you can choose the one that best suits your date’s taste.

When choosing a present for a first date, choose something that exudes elegance and timeless attractiveness, like a thoughtfully picked diamond necklace. The necklace is made of diamonds known for their strength, purity, and eternal appeal. They represent the possibility of a deep and long-lasting relationship. The diamond necklace’s timeless elegance and grace reflect the significance of the event and your honest wishes. You show respect for the individual and wish to create a treasured memory by giving them this carefully selected memento, the diamond necklace. Beyond adding refinement to their attire, the diamond necklace serves as a treasured reminder of a hopeful beginning, making it an exceptional option for establishing an unforgettable first impression.

First Date Gifs For Her And Him: Tickets to an Event

Impressions are not less valuable than materialistic gifts. The goal of the perfect first date is to make a good one. And what could be better than an exciting event that you will remember together? Of course, it should not be some kind of concert of classical music – try to find something new and unusual. It will show that you are creative and have good taste.

Even if you do not know much about art, visiting an exhibition is always impressive. If you are both into sports, buy tickets to the game of your favorite team. There are many other options: stand-up comedy show, play, Broadway musical. Choose a gift for first date that will catch your attention, and make sure she likes it too (or he).

P.S.: You can also consider giving season tickets to her or his favorite band or theater.

Movie Tickets Are Classic Date Gifts

Get tickets to their favorite movie and enjoy a night out in a cinema. Watching movies together is a great way to get to know each other better. After your dinner, you can go to the premiere and discuss the film afterward. If your crush is a cinephile, there’s a range of topics to talk about, either the plot of the story or the light of particular scenes. This gift is perfect for any couple, regardless of their interests. Anyway, it’ll be a great start!

Movie tickets are classic first date gifts. It’s always nice to go out and do something together, and what could be better than watching your favorite film on the big screen? If you want something low-key, how about tickets to an outdoor screening? Pack some snacks and drinks and spend an evening under the stars enjoying classic films or new releases.

Fancy First Date Gift Ideas: Jewelry

A beautiful piece of jewelry is always a cherished gift. If you are looking for a gift for your girlfriend, consider a necklace, bracelet, or ring. Something simple and elegant will show that you put thought into the present.

Give your date something special with a piece of puka shell jewelry. This gift will make them feel loved and appreciated. As these shells are associated with the ocean, they symbolize a connection between two people. They’re also a beautiful reminder of the beauty that life has to offer.

If you buy jewelry for your boyfriend, necklaces and bracelets can be a bit tricky. Most men do not typically wear these items daily. A nice watch or pair of earrings may be more appropriate.

Avoid luxury brands as first date gifts. While jewelry from Tiffany’s or Cartier is always appreciated, it may be a bit too extravagant for a first meeting. We believe they are more suitable as a gift for the anniversary that awaits your couple!

A Plush Toy Will Make A Perfect First Date

A Plush Toy

What can be cuter than a plush toy as a first date gift? Plush toys come in all shapes and sizes, and most importantly, they are super cute. This gift is perfect for both men and women; just pick the suitable toy for your partner. For example, a teddy bear might be too cutesy for some people, while a stuffed animal could be too juvenile. If you’re unsure what to choose, go with a classic like a bunny or a plush dog toy.

A Gift Card Is Perfect If You Have No First Date Gift Ideas

A gift card is always a safe option when it comes to gift-giving. You can never go wrong with gift cards – especially if you don’t know your partner’s interests very well. Most gift cards can be used at various stores, so your partner can choose whatever they want. Just pick a gift card for a store that they actually like!

A first date gift card is also a great gift if you’re on a budget. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show your partner that you care about them.

A Handmade Gift For First Date

If you want to give your date something exceptional, something made with love and care, then a handmade gift is perfect. You could make so many things, depending on your skills and interests. For example, if you’re good at sewing, you could make a cushion or a quilt. If you like to bake, why not try baking them their favorite cake or cookies? Or, if you’re more into crafts, maybe you could make them a wooden picture frame or a jewelry box.

No matter what gift you choose to make, it will show that you’ve put some thought into it and really care about your perfect first date. And who knows – they may even have the same interests as you and can provide a common ground for future conversations.

You Can Give A Book As A First Date Gift

If your date loves reading, why not get him or her a Kindle or a gripping new novel?  This gift is perfect for those long winter nights when you want to curl up with a good book. Discover which genre is your date’s favorite one and choose from bestsellers. If you have enough time on your first date, you can visit a bookstore together. While your beloved one will be looking at books on shelves and picking ones interesting for him/her, you can find out which one is the best first date gift. Or, even better, you can buy an e-reader and load it up with books before your date arrives.

If you are not sure what kind of book your date would like, go for a non-fiction book about something that interests him/her. It can be a history book about some important event in your date’s country of origin, a biography of someone he or she admires, or even a cookbook if your date loves to cook. 

Perfume Is A Nice First Date Gift For Her And Him

Many stylists claim that a great perfume is as essential as matching jewelry to your outfit. If you are looking for a gift for your first date, a perfume bottle is always a great option. There are many different scents to choose from, so you can easily find one that your date will love. Plus, they’re date gifts that they can use again and again.

If you are not sure what scent your date prefers, opt for a gift certificate instead. This way, they can choose the fragrance they like best. Just be sure to ask about their favorite scent before you buy!

An Aromatic Candle Is A Safe First Date Gift

Candles are always a safe gift choice, and they can help set the mood on a first date. If you’re not sure what type of candle your date would like, go with something classic and elegant like vanilla or lavender scent.

If you want to get creative, why not make your own candles? It’s a fun gift for first date that you can do together, and it will show how much effort you put into making the evening special. All you need is some wax, scents, wicks, and containers.

A  Bottle Of Wine Will Set The Mood On Perfect First Date

A nice bottle of wine can make for a great gift on a perfect first date. For women, consider something that is elegant and feminine, like a bottle of champagne or chardonnay. For men, go with a bold red wine that will show you’re confident and know what you’re doing. Additionally, gifting an engraved bottle of wine can add a personal and sophisticated touch to any celebration or special occasion, making it a memorable and thoughtful gesture.

A Pet Toy As Cute First Day Gift

If you’re aware that your beloved has a fluffy kitten or dog at home, why not buy something for them? A new toy for a pet can make your first date gift complete. It will show that you have taken the time to think about what they love and how to make their day a little bit better.

Small Date Gifts: Bath bombs

Small Date Gifts

Bath bombs are a popular first date gift. They are soothing, and relaxing and can help set the mood for a perfect night. The bubbling of the bath bomb combined with the delicate scent can help to create a comfortable atmosphere. Adding a few candles and some romantic music can further enhance the mood, making it perfect for a night in with your significant other.  Bath bombs come in all shapes and sizes, and there are plenty of different scents to choose from. If your date loves baths, a bath bomb is a perfect gift.

First Date Gift Ideas For Trendy Individuals: Accessories

Scarves and watches make great first date gifts because they’re both safe options. You could add the recipient’s initials or choose a brightly-colored design to show how much thought went into your selection!

A scarf is a perfect first date gift for colder months. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also looks stylish. A lovely scarf is an ideal way to show your loved ones that you care. It can keep your date warm and also doubles as a conversation starter. If you’re feeling creative, you could try making a scarf yourself!

Watches have been a popular first date gift since time immemorial. However, recent surveys show that women prefer something else: jewelry. In fact, 84 percent of respondents said they would rather receive a piece of jewelry on a date than a watch.

So, what does this mean for you if you plan to give your date a gift? Well, you could consider getting her a piece of jewelry instead of a watch. Or, you could get her both!

Exquisite and practical custom belt buckles as a gift

If your date usually likes to match some accessories, you can’t go wrong with custom belt buckles. Because belt buckles are a very important part of our daily attire, sometimes a suitable belt buckle can make his outfit more eye-catching. In this case, you can choose a few elements to customize based on the style your date usually prefers. Compared with other types, the biggest feature of the custom belt buckle is that it is simple and durable, and it is also very personalized. This can not only reflect your personal taste but also reflect that you are very meticulous and caring.

Custom Belt Buckles

A First Date Gift basket

What better way to show your date that you’ve put some effort into getting them than with this simple but effective idea? A gift basket is an excellent choice for any occasion, especially as the first date gift! You could fill it with food items like gourmet chocolate-covered strawberries or wine. If they’re not big drinkers, choose something lighter, such as champagne.  You could also add fun activities, like a movie rental gift card or tickets to a show. Whatever gift you decide on, make sure it reflects your personality and your date’s.

A Subscription To The Channel Of Sports Team As A First Date Gift For Him

Gift ideas are always tricky to figure out, but if your date is a sports fan, then there’s no better gift than the opportunity for him or her (or you!) to watch all of their favorite games live and cheer together. What could be a better gift for first date than a subscription to the channel of his favorite team?

Board Games Are A Great Option For Perfect First Date

board game

Give the gift that will never go out of style and shows you put some thought into it. There are many different options available to suit any taste – just take your time picking one! The game may seem like an odd gift for a perfect first date, but it can be fun. Plus, it shows that you put some thought into the present. There are a lot of different games out there, so take your time picking the perfect one. Consider something like Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride if your date is into strategy games. Cards Against Humanity or Cranium will be good choices if they’re more into party games.

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On your first date, you must put some thought into what will make the perfect gift. The best present for this occasion isn’t always expensive and doesn’t need to be something flashy; instead, focus on finding an item that reflects who they are while also showing off their interests! Hopefully, after reading through our list below, there’ll still be plenty left up in the air about buying gifts. If not, get out there and put some of these fabulous first date gift ideas into practice to make your first date unforgettable.


What Date Gifts Are NOT Better To Give?

No gift is specifically off-limits when it comes to gift-giving on a perfect first date. However, you may want to avoid anything too personal or intimate, like lingerie. Something like an expensive watch could also be seen as too serious, so try to stick with light and fun gifts instead.

What Are Some Good First Date Gift Ideas?

There are all sorts of great first date gift ideas. If you’re looking for something romantic, consider flowers or a small gift like perfume. If you want something funny and playful, go for a gag gift like a crazy hat or inflatable guitar. No matter what you choose, make sure it’s something that reflects your personality and the tastes of your beloved one.

Woman Handed Note On First Date. What Should Man Do?

When a woman hands you a note on your first date, it can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. What should you do? If you’re lucky enough to get this special note, there are a few things you can do to make the most of it.

First, take a moment to read the note and understand what your partner wants to tell. Then, try to do something that will make her happy. It could be as simple as getting her favorite drink or taking her to a place she’s always wanted to go as a first date gift. Whatever you do, make sure you communicate with your partner. Let her know how you feel about the note and what you plan on doing to make her happy.

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