Tarot Spread for Self Love: How to Grow and Nurture Your Own Happiness

Tarot Spread for Self Love

Self love is one of the most important things we can cultivate in our lives. When we have a strong sense of self-esteem, we are more likely to be happy and content. We’re also more likely to be kinder to others and treat them respectfully.

One of the best ways to cultivate self love is to spend time alone in nature. Surrounded by the beauty of the natural world, we cannot help but feel a deep love and admiration for ourselves. 

If you’re looking for another way to increase your self-esteem, cards may help you. Tarot cards can provide clarity and help us better understand ourselves better. One tarot spread specifically designed for self-esteem is the “self-value” spread. This can help identify areas in your life where you need to focus on yourself. It can also help you understand how you can grow and nurture your happiness. 

This article will discuss tarot card spreads for self love.

Tarot Card for Self Love Can Help You 

If you’re looking for a way to self love, tarot may provide the answer. A mystic is an ancient tool that can help you connect with your higher self and learn to love and accept yourself just as you are.

By consulting the tarot, you can ask profound questions and receive guidance on how to read tarot cards that can help you on your journey of self-discovery. The tarot can also help shed light on areas of your life where you may be struggling.

Often, we can be our worst critics, and it can be challenging to see ourselves clearly. The self tarot spread can provide a fresh perspective and help us to understand ourselves in a new light. If you’re ready to start exploring the tarot, many resources are available to help you get started. 

6 Card Tarot Spread Meaning For You


Self love is the most important love of all. It’s the love that we give to ourselves first and foremost. It’s the foundation from which all other loves grow. So how can we make sure that our self-esteem is strong and healthy?

One way is to consult the self tarot spread. Tarot can be an excellent tool for exploring our relationship with ourselves. In this spread, we’ll be looking at what self-value looks like for you, how you can nurture it, and what challenges you may face.

To begin, shuffle your tarot deck and draw six cards. Lay tarot cards out in the following order:

  • Card One: How you currently feel about yourself
  • Card Two: What you need to do to nurture your self-esteem
  • Card Three: The biggest obstacle to self-value
  • Card Four: How others see you
  • Card Five: The role of self-value in your life
  • Card Six: Advice from the tarot 

Take a look at your self improvement tarot spread and see what they say about growing and nurturing your own happiness.

How to Read a 6 Card Tarot Spread

Card One: How You Currently Feel About Yourself

The first self love tarot card in this position represents how you feel about yourself right now. This can be an honest assessment of your current state or a more idealized view of how you would like to feel. Either way, this is a starting point for exploring your relationship with yourself.

For example, suppose you don’t feel self love. In that case, the card in this position can represent an opportunity to turn things around and start fresh. Alternatively, suppose you are already feeling good about yourself. In that case, the card can be a reminder to keep up the excellent work.

Card Two: What You Need to Do to Nurture Your Self-Esteem

According to tarot spread for self love, you must take time each day to encourage your self-value. This may mean taking a few moments to relax and meditate or doing something you enjoy.

It’s essential to ensure that you’re taking care of yourself physically and emotionally. Additionally, this card suggests reaching out to others for support. This could involve talking to a trusted friend or family member.

Card Three: The Biggest Obstacle to Self-Value

This card of tarot spread for self value represents the biggest obstacle to your self-esteem. This may be something from your past that you haven’t fully processed or a current situation preventing you from moving forward. Either way, this card can help you identify what is holding you back so that you can start to work through it.

Remember, tarot cards are a journey, not a destination. There will always be ups and downs, but as long as you keep pushing ahead, you’ll reach your goal.

Card Four: How Do Others See You

This card of tarot spread for self value  represents how others see you. This may differ from how you see yourself, but it is essential to consider both perspectives. Other people’s opinions can impact your self-value, so it is vital to be aware of how you are being perceived by those around you.

If those tarot cards come up in a reading, it’s a sign that you should take some time to reflect on how others see you and how that impacts your own view of yourself.

Card Five: The Role of Self-Value in Your Life

The role of self love in your life is represented by this card. This may be something that you are already aware of, or it could be a new realization. Either way, this card can help you see how vital self-value is and how it can improve your life.

Self-esteem is the foundation of healthy and happy life so give the tarot spread for self value a try. When you love yourself, you are more likely to make choices that are good for you. You are also more likely to attract love and positivity from others. 

Card Six: Advice From the Tarot 

This card of tarot spread for self is all about advice from the tarot on improving your relationship with yourself. So whether you’re looking for something new to try or just want a reminder of what’s important, this card can help you see what you need to do to nurture your happiness.

The most important thing about self love tarot spread is to be accepting and gentle with yourself. Remember that you are worthy of love, just as you are. So with that in mind, go out and give yourself the love and care that you deserve. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel when you do.

How to Do a Tarot Reading: Tips And Precautions


Before you begin your reading of self tarot spread, it is essential to understand a few things. Here are some tips and precautions to help you get the most out of your experience:

  • Relax and clear your mind. This will help you focus on the reading and receive guidance from your Higher Self.
  • Choose a comfortable place for tarot spread for self love where you won’t be interrupted. Make sure you won’t be disturbed for at least 30 minutes.
  • If possible, light a candle and incense to create a peaceful atmosphere. You can also play soft, calming music in the background if it helps you relax.
  • Shuffle the tarot deck slowly and thoughtfully. As you do, focus on your question or intention for the tarot spread for self love .
  • Once the deck is shuffled, cut it into three piles with your non-dominant hand. Then, choose one pile to turn over and place in front of you.
  • Begin your reading by interpreting the meanings of each card about your question or intention. Then, trust your intuition and allow the guidance to flow through you during tarot spread for self value.
  • When you’re finished, take a few minutes to journal about what you’ve learned from the experience. This will help you integrate the guidance received and put it into practice in your life.

Self-value is one of the most important things we can cultivate in our lives. 

Tarot spread for self value can be a powerful tool because it helps us to access our intuition and inner wisdom. This spread is designed to help you nurture your own happiness and growth. Trust your intuition as you interpret the meanings of each card about your question or intention.


Self love is essential because it is the foundation of our relationships with others. When we love ourselves, we can give and receive love more quickly. Tarot can be an excellent tool for exploring self-esteem. It can help us better understand ourselves and see what areas we need to work on.

This tarot spread for self value is designed to help you explore your own happiness, and how you can nurture it. I hope it gives you some insights and enables you to grow in self-esteem! Thank you so much for reading, and I wish you all the best on your journey.

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