21 Signs the Universe Wants You to Be With Someone

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We’ve all been there: that stage after so many broken relationships when we’re too tired from all the pain to open our hearts to love once more. Then, someone new walks into our lives, the sparks start flying, and the stars all seem to align. 

However, you’re conflicted: are they the one, or is this another disaster waiting to happen? 

It’s justifiable to be cautious about a new relationship considering all you’ve been through, but how can you tell if this person is your happily ever after? 

Fortunately, the universe sends signals to tell us if the “right one” is finally here. 

Tired of second-guessing yourself? Read on for the 21 signs the universe wants you to be with someone. 

Does the Universe Really Send Us Signals? 

Not all of us are religious. However, we can all agree that some higher power signals us when something is about to happen in our lives. When it comes to love and relationships, though, some of us can hardly notice these signs, no matter how obvious they are. 

If you’ve gone through one-too-many heartbreaks, it’s understandable if you can’t pick out the universe’s pointers. Love is the last thing on your list right now. You’re more focused on growing and thriving on your own than setting yourself up for another heartbreak.

However, you may miss a once-in-a-lifetime love if you listen to the signals the universe is sending your way. 

I know love has dealt you too many blows, but maybe it’s time to step back and listen to the signs from the universe that he’s the one.

21 Signs the Universe Wants You to Be Together

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It’s one thing for the universe to send you signs about your soulmate, and it’s another to recognize and listen to them. 

Here are the signs from the universe that you’re ready for a new relationship: 

#1 You’re at Peace With Yourself

No matter how many sparks fly between you and someone, you’re not ready for a relationship if you’ve not healed from your past traumas and insecurities. 

If you have emotional or mental baggage from how your ex treated you in your past relationships, it’ll be best to address them before you start seeing someone else. Working on your relationship-related emotional problems is crucial if you were the one with issues in your previous relationships. 

Dealing with your toxic patterns is an essential step to long-lasting love. Else, you’ll ruin your next relationship with the same old habits. 

If you’ve addressed your insecurities and trauma, then you’re obviously in a much happier and more secure place, and you no longer tolerate individuals with toxic behaviors and patterns. 

You may also notice it’s easier to attract good people into your life. Ever heard the saying “like attracts like” when it comes to relationships? Well, it’s not a cliche. One of the signs the universe wants you to be with someone is meeting people that align with your values and goals. 

#2 You’re Done Messing With the Wrong People

A vital sign from the universe that you’re finally ready to date again is that you’re no longer willing to settle for less and put up with people who don’t meet your standards. 

In your past relationships, you probably settled for people who were no good for you, maybe because of the romantic high from being with them or the fact that you were scared of being alone. 

You tolerated their toxic patterns and made excuses for them. When heartbreak came, you blamed yourself, feeling you didn’t do enough to make it work. 

However, when it’s time for you to find real love again, you’ll admit what you want to yourself. You’ll realize you deserve better than someone who doesn’t value or treat you the way you desire. At this point, you won’t tolerate toxic behavior, emotional manipulation, abuse, or all the other hurtful patterns as you did in the past. 

Also, you’ll treasure that mutual synchronicity between lovers, not the one-sided love typical of your past relationships. This shift is necessary because you can’t experience the love you deserve if you remain your old self. 

#3 You’re Not Afraid to Be Alone 

The fear of being alone is why we settle for people who aren’t good enough for us. When you feel you’re not enough on your own and need a relationship to be “complete,” you’ll settle for anyone that comes your way just to soothe that inner inadequacy. 

Unfortunately, it never ends well when you date out of loneliness. In contrast, when you’re happy, secure, and thriving all by yourself, it’s a sign you’re finally ready for a lifetime of true love. 

Contrary to what you might think, feeling comfortable with being alone isn’t one of the signs the universe wants you to be single; it’s actually the other way around. 

Here, you’re open to sharing your life with someone who values and prioritizes you but is also content if that person doesn’t come along anytime soon. In other words, you’re not desperate for love and willing to tone down your shine to get someone to love you. 

You’re in love with yourself and treat yourself the way you’d expect the ideal partner to treat you. 

#4 You Know Why Your Past Relationships Failed 

You can’t experience the love you deserve if you’re still holding on to and blaming yourself for the hurts and pain from your past relationships. 

A vital part of embracing your future and becoming the person you’re meant to be is seeing your past mistakes as lessons to learn and grow from. If you’re still beating yourself up over them and living in regret, it’s obvious you’re yet to grow out of the past. 

Getting into a relationship at this stage will see you self-sabotage and ruin your love life, regardless of how perfect your new partner is. 

One of the signs the universe wants you to be with someone is that you’ll understand why your previous relationships didn’t work out and be willing to do things differently. You’ll also forgive yourself (and your ex) and move on without ill feelings. 

Furthermore, you’ll quickly spot the red flags and toxic patterns that ruined your past relationships and avoid them. The fear of being alone won’t make you settle for another trainwreck. 

#5 You’re Better at Setting Boundaries

Your previous relationships probably featured lots of abuse and negative behaviors from your ex. You also likely tolerated these things because you feared speaking up or setting boundaries would drive them away. 

However, it never ends well when we stay in abusive relationships because of the fear of losing the other person. Eventually, the toxic patterns you failed to address will ruin the union and leave you heartbroken and psychologically damaged. 

You may have learned this lesson over time and probably grown from someone who couldn’t stand up for themselves. As a result, you’re better at setting boundaries in your relationships, including friendships and family ties. 

When you’ve learned to put your foot down on what you will and won’t tolerate, it’s a sign from the universe that you’re ready for true love. It means you’ll demand proper treatment and behavior from a potential partner and won’t hang around or make excuses for them when they act otherwise. 

You’ll weed out anyone disrespecting or abusing you and only settle for a lover that values and prioritizes you. When this partner comes along, you’ll recognize them immediately and be open to building the perfect life with them. 

#6 You Love Yourself More 

It’s not a coincidence that several relationship experts list self-love as one of the vital ingredients in a happy romantic relationship. Typically, how we treat ourselves is how we expect others to treat us.

In other words, if you don’t know how to love yourself, you won’t know how someone else should love you and will willingly accept any toxic behavior they throw at you. 

However, when you know your self-worth and take care of yourself, you’re less likely to tolerate disrespect and abuse. That’s because you understand that you’re deserving of love and all the good things of life, and no one should serve you anything else. 

Also, a vital part of self-love is forgiving yourself. If you’ve not forgiven yourself for your past mistakes, you’ll accept anything life throws at you (including more heartbreak and hurts) as punishment for your faults. 

However, when you’ve forgiven yourself and learned from your mistakes, you’ll put in the effort to make your life better and won’t accept disappointment as what you deserve. When you love yourself better, it’s a sign from the universe that you’re ready to love again. 

#7 You’re Willing to Take Risks 

The best experiences in life (including the exciting love life you desire) are on the other side of your comfort zone. Unfortunately, being in a relationship involves the risk of getting hurt and confronting your insecurities.

It involves having conflicts with your partner and dealing with issues you don’t see eye-to-eye on. Even the happiest couples experience these problems. 

More importantly, love involves stepping out into the world to meet new individuals, going on dates, asking people out, and saying yes to someone who wants to be with you if you feel they’re the right person. 

If you’re waiting in your shell for love to meet you or avoiding relationships because you don’t want to deal with conflicts or heartbreak, then you’re not ready for lifelong romance. 

One of the signs the universe wants you to be with someone is that you’ll be more willing to take risks and give love a try with the person you care about, even if it means getting hurt. 

On those days when it gets challenging, you’ll also be willing to have tough conversations, work things out, and grow through your differences because those are some ingredients of lasting love. 

#8 You No Longer Want Your Usual Types 

Everyone has a type. We have an idea of the ideal partner: what they should look like and the fairytale love they’ll offer us. However, most people who’ve experienced true love will tell you that, usually, the person that sweeps you off your feet rarely matches your type. 

They may not tick all your physical boxes, but they’re the ones that eventually give you the love you deserve. 

Interestingly, if you’re being honest, you’ll realize that all your heartbreaks have come from the people who gave you butterflies in your stomach and felt like the perfect partner. 

Maybe all those heartbreaks were signs from the universe that you need to stop stereotyping your idea of a partner and open your heart to something more unusual. 

Your dream guy or lady may not have all the physical attributes you want, but they’ll make you feel more special than the one with a tall physique or hazel-brown eyes. When you want something different from your usual “type,” the universe could be preparing you for “the one.” 

#9 You’ve Stopped Repeating Your Old Mistakes

Certain behaviors can ruin our chances of finding real love again and make us more emotionally miserable. 

Drunk-texting your ex, stalking them, or going on a series of rebound dates to make them jealous or make yourself feel better may seem logical after a breakup. However, in the long run, they don’t help you get over them. 

Instead, they end up deepening your insecurities and warping your sense of self-worth. When you can finally grieve your past relationships without returning to toxic patterns or wallowing in regret, you can date and experience true love again. 

Relationships hurt when they end, and no amount of drunk-texting, stalking, or rebound dating can soothe the pain or bring back your ex. 

You can grieve in meaningful and constructive ways. Learn from the lessons the relationship taught you. Identify why it ended, what you need to work on, and what you’ll no longer tolerate in a partner. When you’ve done these, it’s a clear sign from the universe that your happily-ever-after isn’t so far away anymore.

#10 You Recognize “The One” Instantly

Ever heard people say that they knew immediately when they met the love of their lives? Well, it’s not a cliche from fairy tales; it’s a real-life fact. One of the signs of fate to be with someone is that you’ll know immediately you meet “the one.”

There’s just something about them that makes them feel perfect. Oftentimes, you might click immediately, or the romance might develop over time.

Regardless of how long it takes to develop that mutual synchronicity between two people, the point is you’ll know when you meet them. 

Besides that inner hunch, you may notice other signals, such as having mutual interests or your life goals/aspirations aligning. This alignment could be a sign from the universe telling you that it’s time for your own happy-ever-after. 

#11 Your Dreams Are All About Love 

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While some of the universe’s signs of a relationship are subtle, others are glaring. This sign revolves around the latter. When you begin to dream about romance and love too often, the universe might be telling you that you’ll soon find your soulmate. 

Dreams are often a pointer from the universe to make us pay attention to particular aspects of our lives. You may see someone you know – probably a colleague from work, a neighbor, an old friend – or a total stranger. 

The universe is probably trying to point you towards a lifelong romance. However, dreaming about someone you know doesn’t necessarily indicate that they’re your soulmate. 

Sometimes it might even be an old crush or ex. That doesn’t mean you should go back to them. It might just be that they have specific qualities of an ideal partner that the universal powers want you to notice.

If it’s a total stranger you’re dreaming about, then brace yourself; you might just be running into someone new soon. 

Regardless, enjoy these romantic nighttime visions, jot them down in your journal if you have one, and let the universe play out the romantic script it has in store for you. 

#12 You See Love Everywhere You Go

Love is almost everywhere; however, when you begin to notice it more often, it could be one sign from the universe that you’re ready for a new relationship – and a lifelong one, for that matter. 

If you seem to hear love songs everywhere you go, couples hanging out around you, or even animals pairing up, it’s not a hoax. Rather, it’s one of the signs the universe wants you to be with someone. 

Enjoy the love serenade the divine is playing around you, and prepare for your own enchanting love story. 

#13 You Keep Running Into Them 

If there’s someone you met recently, and you keep running into them almost everywhere, it may not be an accident; the universe might just be trying to set you two up. 

Oftentimes, these random meetings aren’t mere happenstance; something might be about to happen between you two. If you’ve found yourself asking, “is it fate that I keep seeing him?” Then, it may just be. 

In my experience, I usually hear two people who keep bumping into each other say – “the universe keeps bringing us together” – right before they fall in love and realize they’re meant to be. That could be what’s happening with you and this stranger. 

You might have also noticed too many coincidences when the two of you meet: they’re probably sipping your favorite beverage, reading your favorite book, or listening to your favorite band. 

All these random events could be one of the signs the universe is telling you he’s the one. Folks who have experienced a lifetime of love know that this subtle synchronicity with another person is a sign you’re fated to be together. 

So it wouldn’t be a bad idea to walk up to them and say hi. You may be one conversation away from experiencing true love. 

#14 Your Friends and Family Keep Mentioning Them

If their name comes up in conversations between your friends and relatives (even for no reason), it could be one of the secret signs the universe wants you to know you’ve found the love of your life. 

It might even be that you never mentioned this person to your relatives, but they keep talking about someone with the same name. 

When the universal powers communicate something we continually ignore, they use other people to get our attention.

It might not even be your friends that keep mentioning the new guy. Maybe they’re your colleagues at work, the bartender at your favorite coffee shop, or your cab driver. Watch out, the universe is trying to tell you something. 

The question is, will you listen?

#15 You Keep Experiencing Meaningful Coincidences Together

Coincidences are often divinely orchestrated events. When they become a pattern, they’re called synchronicities. 

If you notice too many random coincidences when you’re with this new guy, such as the same love song playing whenever you’re together or similar number sequences/phrases that keep appearing out of nowhere, you could be getting signals from the universe that he’s the one. 

Don’t play down these synchronicity signs as random. You could miss out on your own romantic fairytale because you believe these divine pointers are mere happenstance or figments of your imagination. 

Rather than overlook these events, why not take a bold leap with this person and see where it leads? 

Of course, you may be worried that they don’t feel the same way, or it’ll end badly. 

But how do you know if you don’t try?

If it’s the universe orchestrating a love story for you, your hesitancy might make you miss out on something amazing. 

#16 You Keep Seeing Things That Remind You of Them 

Are you seeing signs that remind you of someone, probably the stranger in your life you keep running into or a cute colleague you can’t stop thinking about? Maybe you keep picking up their scent or hearing their voice in random places even when they aren’t close? 

You may even be sipping your favorite coffee during your lunch break when his face flashes through your mind, and you can’t help but smile. Have you ever thought that these reminders could be one of the signs the universe wants you to be together?

It’s not out of place for the universe to place subtle reminders around us to point us in the direction our lives need to go. If you can’t keep someone out of your mind, it’s probably a signal that they’re meant to be more than some random stranger in your life. 

#17 Your Gut Feeling Tells You Something Special Is About to Happen In Your Life 

Call it a hunch or a weird instinct, but we all have that inner knowing when something is about to happen in our lives. When that feeling comes, you can feel the tide turning for the better. 

You instantly know that the next phase of your life will involve something special. This “hunch” could be a sign from the universe that you’re ready for love again, and your special someone might be around the corner. 

Of course, there might be the temptation to feel that this feeling is just a hoax, and everything might go downhill or blow up in your face. However, optimism and hope are two vital ingredients of a happy life. 

You can’t have the life you want if you’re always self-sabotaging with your thoughts and actions. If you’re seeing signs the universe wants you to be with someone, the best you can do is position yourself for the lifetime of love that could be coming your way. 

#18 You’re Suddenly Seeing Your Best Friend In a New Light

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How many times have we heard that what we want is usually right in front of us? For example, you could have been best friends with someone for years and share everything with them. 

They understand you more than anyone else, have been through all your life’s phases with you, and feel more comfortable with them than anyone else. The synchronicity you experience with this friend should tell you that you’re both meant to be more to each other. 

However, you both keep dating other people and experiencing heartbreaks. The happily-ever-after you both desire is right in front of your eyes, but none of you can see it. 

The universe has a way of rewriting the script, though. Eventually, you’ll both realize what you’ve been missing all this while: that you’re meant to be more than friends. 

If you’ve recently started seeing your best friend in a new romantic light, realizing how you both are a perfect match, then maybe it’s one of the signs the universe wants you to be together. 

While you might worry that starting something romantic could ruin the friendship, what if your fears are denying you your dream love life? You’ll never know if you don’t try. 

#19 There’s a Synchronizing Energy 

Two people fated together often share synchronicity in love. They’ll be a perfect match for each other. You’ll notice that your values and life goals align, and the balance of your lifestyles complement each other. 

You’ll also realize that you both aren’t perfect individually, but you give each other room to grow and support them on their journey to being their best selves. 

On an energy level, you both vibrate at the same frequency. Sometimes, synchronicity with someone may make it seem like you’ve known each other forever, even if you only met days or weeks ago. In a nutshell, you’re both a breath of fresh air around each other. 

Synchronicity between a man and a woman is quite rare, and it’s usually one sign from the universe of a lifelong romance. 

#20 You Feel Their Energy Around You 

Do you usually feel the energy of the new guy in your life at random times during the day? You may be sipping coffee, reading a book, or working on your computer, and you feel his presence envelop you and find yourself smiling for no reason. 

Often, you can tell a lot about a person from the energy they radiate. Does that radiance you pick up from them make you feel more confident and capable and want to take on the world? If their energy is right, then the universe is telling you they’re right for you. 

Also, when you feel a person’s energy like that, it’s usually a sign from the universe that they’re thinking of you. We all know what it means when someone can’t keep us out of their minds, don’t we? 

#21 You’re Not Under Pressure to Meet the Right One

I had to mention this relationship sign from the universe last because it’s the most vital. When you’re no longer desperate to fall in love or date someone, you’re finally ready for a long-lasting relationship.  

Desperation is never an excellent motivator for a romantic relationship. Desperation makes us desire love at all costs because we feel inadequate alone and want a romantic partner to complete us.

It’s why we settle for people who aren’t good for us because we want to have someone, regardless of how they treat us. Desperation is also a primary reason why we can’t set boundaries in our relationships because we’re scared of losing them. 

We don’t believe we’re worthy of love, so we hang on to whatever scraps of it we can find. 

Desperation is why you keep drunk-texting your toxic ex because you can’t imagine your life without them (or without love), despite how badly they’ve treated you. 

When you finally let go of the pressure to fall in love and meet the one, it means you’re finally ready to receive the kind of love you deserve. 

At this point in your life, you’re okay by yourself, and you’re only open to someone worthy of you who will treat you right and make you their number one priority. It’s at this point that the universe will send that person your way because you’re finally ready for them. 


Finding love again can be challenging after so many heartbreaks. However, the universe always knows how to stir us towards healing and the love we desire once again. 

When you think you’ll never find love again, the person of your dreams is waiting around the corner to give you the love you deserve. The possibility of lifelong love is why you should never be oblivious to the signs the universe sends your way to tell us it’s time for our hearts to find a home again. 

When you constantly dream of a certain someone, experience weird coincidences with them, feel their energy around you, and have that gut feeling that they’re the one, then they might be. 

So why not give love a chance and see where this one leads? You’ll never know if you don’t try.

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