The Perfect Bedtime Story for Girlfriend – Share a Magical Night Together

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Are you looking for a way to express your love and devotion to your girlfriend before the day is done? Why not opt for a bedtime story for girlfriend? Not only can it spark an interesting conversation between you two, but it can also give your relationship that extra bit of romance.

Imagine: she comes home after a long day of work, and instead of turning on the TV or her phone, she finds you waiting for her with a bedtime story to read. She will be delighted! She will surely remember your romantic gesture.

Check out the best short romantic bedtime stories for her below. We’re confident your girlfriend will appreciate such a thoughtful gift of love and warm up to you even more.

Romantic Bedtime Stories to Tell

Our daily routine washes away the romance from our relationships, and romantic short bedtime stories can help bring it back. A few romantic stories before bed can her melt in your arms.

man and woman in bed

The Princess Who Saved Her Prince

This is a classic fairy bedtime story to tell your girlfriend about a brave princess who takes on an adventure to save her beloved prince. Let her feel like a princess as she imagines herself in the story, and take her on an adventure of love.

“Once upon a time, there lived unrivaled beauty and grace, a princess who lived in the kingdom of love. She was the most beloved daughter of the King, and she cherished her days in the warmth of her family.

One day, however, a greedy dragon kidnaps her prince from his castle. The princess knew it would be up to her alone to save him from certain death!

Hint: express emotions while reading bedtime stories for girlfriend to your girlfriend, and be sure to pause for dramatic effect.

So, with her heart and a sword in hand, she set off on an epic quest across dangerous lands. On this journey, she faced many obstacles – wild beasts and fierce warriors – but never had fear or doubt plagued her mind. With each step closer to him, the more determined she became.

Finally, after much struggle and peril, the princess reached the dragon’s den. With one powerful thrust, she plunged her sword into the beast and left it for dead. The princess and prince then married, living happily ever after – thanks to her!

Close Strangers

This is one of the modern-day cute bedtime stories to tell your crush that follows the romance of two people who were worlds apart.

He was a young man living in New York, yearning to escape his mundane life and take on an adventure. She was a woman from London, longing for a change from her day-to-day routine.

One night, he stumbled upon her profile on a popular dating app. They began chatting about their similar interests and, before long, had fallen madly in love with one another – though they had never even met!

They decided to meet halfway across the world, in Paris – the City of Love. Though initially scared and unsure if this was the right thing to do, they finally gathered enough to book flights and hotel rooms.

The day of their meeting arrived, and they both felt a mixture of excitement and nervousness like characters of romantic short stories – but neither one backed down. They embraced each other at the airport with overwhelming joy, feeling as if they had known each other for years. After spending two wonderful weeks in Paris together, it was time to head back home.

He gently took her arm, and she felt something little and hard in his pocket. He explained that he had been carrying it around since they met, and when she asked him what it was, he got down on one knee and produced a small box. Inside was the most beautiful diamond ring she had ever seen – and it was for her.

They were married a few months later, and they were the happiest either of them had ever known.

Funny Bedtime Stories for Her

You don’t have to spill your heart out every night to keep your partner happy. Here are some funny short bedtime stories for adults that will make her laugh and create a bond between you two.

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Forgetful Husband

Once there was a husband who was always forgetting essential things. Almost every little thing he did was forgotten in the next few minutes – even cute bedtime stories – and his wife would have to remind him.

One night, he forgot to buy his wife a present for her birthday. So, he came up with an idea. He took a giant box, put a ribbon on his head, and hide inside the box.

When his wife opened up the box, she was so surprised to see her husband in there. “What does all that mean?” she asked. He said, “It means I will never forget anything important again!”

She answered: “But you ordered me a bouquet of roses instead of a present. They delivered it first, and I thought it was from you!”

The husband took his phone out of his pocket and saw opened tab with a flower shop. He said, “Oh my! Does it mean I shouldn’t have to put that ribbon on my head?” They both laughed, and then they had a lovely romantic evening.

Fairy Godmother Grants You Three Wishes

A young woman just moved into her new apartment with her boyfriend. However, things could have gone better. Her loving and gentle man turned out to be clumsy, careless, and forgetful. “If he was a decorator, he would put his socks on the wall,” she used to say.

One evening, while she was sitting in her room, reading bedtime stories for couples, a fairy godmother appeared before her eyes. “I have heard your cries of despair,” she said,” and I have come to grant you three wishes.”

The young woman immediately thought of the perfect wish. She wished for a bigger mansion and a garden full of flowers. Fairy godmother asked her: “What about your third wish?”

The young woman thought for a moment and then replied: “I want to be able to make my boyfriend neat and organized so I don’t have to keep cleaning up after him all the time.”

The fairy godmother raised her brows and said, “My dear, I don’t have such a power!” The woman laughed and suddenly woke up. It was all a dream!

She looked around the room and smiled at her messy boyfriend, who opened his eyes and asked her: “What are you smiling about?”. The woman shared her bedtime stories to tell with him, and he said, “Honey, she is a fairy godmother, not a miracle worker!”

The woman laughed, hugged him, and said: “I don’t need any miracles. I just need you.”

How to write a Romantic Bedtime Story for Girlfriend

Short bedtime stories for girlfriend create special memories between loved ones. Nothing makes a girl feel more cherished than a personalized story written just for her!

Writing a romantic bedtime story may seem like a daunting task, but it can be simple if you follow these steps:

Step 1: Figure out what type of story you want to tell. Do you want to write about your own love story or something entirely different? Maybe she loves fantasy adventure or fairy tale romances. Knowing the genre will help you decide on the plot, characters, and setting.

Step 2: Create the world in which your bedtime story to tell your girlfriend will take place. Think about the setting—where is it? What time period does it take place in? Use your imagination and add interesting details to make the world come alive for her.

Step 3: Develop the characters, including their personalities and motivations. Be sure to create a relatable protagonist that she can identify with. You can also make up secondary characters who provide support, guidance, or conflict throughout the story.

Step 4: Write down an outline of your chosen plot points, so you know where the story is going before you start writing it out. This way, you will stay focused while telling your tale!

Step 5: Put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and actually write the bedtime story for girlfriend. Start with an introduction, so your partner can easily slip into the world you’ve created for her.

Step 6: Remember to add exciting details that make the story come alive. Describe the locations, characters, and items in detail. Let your imagination run wild!

Step 7: Remember to include a few romantic moments or elements throughout the story. Whether it be a kiss, kind words, or a grand gesture, these are sure to bring out all the feelings in your partner and make them feel special.


At the end of the day, it’s all about creating a special moment for your girlfriend. Telling a bedtime story for girlfriend can be just the thing to make her feel loved and appreciated.

No matter which romantic bedtime story you choose, ensure that you include heartfelt details that will show her how much she means to you. Whether through words or gestures, showing your feelings creatively is an essential part of any romantic relationship.

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