Love Poem Short: 40 Touching Verses to Send Your Sweetheart

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Do you have someone special in your life? Someone who makes your heart skip a beat and fills you with joy? Words of love and affection are the perfect way to express your feelings—and what better way than sending them a love poem short?

Love poems come in many shapes and sizes, from short and sweet musings to lengthy works of art. No matter the length or form, writing about love is a wonderful way to show someone how much they mean to you.

Today we’ll share 30 short love poems that capture all romantic sentiments. From silly rhymes to heartfelt expressions of endearment, these little verses are ideal for sending to your significant other!

20 Short Love Poems for Her

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Love is beautiful, and expressing it to your significant other in a poem can be just as memorable. Here are 15 short love poems for her that will help you express your deep feelings.

  1. “For Always”: My love for you will never change,  For always I’ll stay the same  And though life may grow difficult, Our bond won’t ever break or drift.
  2. “A Love So True”: I’m grateful that I found a love so true, That brings joy and light into my life too; A tenderness like no other before, An affection now and forevermore.
  3. “The Beauty of You”: When I look at you, I see a beauty divine; A loveliness that’s so unique and so mine; You make my life fuller, richer and better, I’m thankful for your grace and presence forever.
  4. “Togetherness Love Her Poem”: The joy of togetherness is great to behold, For together our love will never grow old; Together we’ll stand strong in every storm. Together we’ll build a lasting bond.
  5. “You Mean Everything”: Your smile means everything to me, It lights up my whole world with glee; With you by my side, I can conquer anything, You mean everything to me this much I bring.
  6. “Moving Mountains Flirty Poem”: My love for you will move any mountain high, I’ll never cease to love you ’till the day I die; No matter what, my love will remain strong, You’re the only one, and will always belong.
  7. “Beautiful Soul”: Your soul is beautiful beyond compare, And for it, I’m thankful that you share; When we debate or dance in the park, It is your soul which brightens the dark.
  8. “Immense feelings Flirty Poem”: My feelings for you are immense and pure, Through hardships, we’ll maintain our allure; Together nothing can dim our light, We are stronger together than apart that’s right.
  9. “A World of Our Own”: Let us build a world of our own, Filled with love, trust and devotion; Where we can light up the night sky, Full of stars for us to admire high.
  10. “Love’s Strength Love Poems for Her”: Love is strong and never fades away, A sentiment that shall not wane or sway; Through thick and thin, it stands tough and tall, And will remain forever infinite – that’s all.
  11. “Blessed by Love”: I’m blessed to have a love like this, We both share a bond that is so pure bliss; When life throws a curveball my way, Your love keeps me safe every day.
  12. “Forever Loyal Love Poem for Her Short “: You’ve been loyal since we first met — With you in my life, I’m never upset. Your unconditional love and support, Is something I need to be able to sort.
  13. “My Joy”: When you come in sight, My joy and heart ignite; You make me smile with glee, And all my worries flee.
  14. “The Strength I Find – Short Love Poems for Her”: The strength I find in your embrace, Feels like a bright and shining star; Your love is my ever-present guide, A courage that won’t let me hide.
  15. “”Forever Mine Romantic Short Poems for Her”: You are mine forever – That much is true – From now until eternity, I’ll always be devoted to you!
  16. “The Joy of Love Poem to Girlfriend”: The joy of love is something so sweet, It makes our hearts race and our souls leap; A beautiful gift that we both share, Giving our love a blissful air!
  17. “Always By Your Side”: Whenever you need me, I’ll be right by your side; I’ll listen to whatever you have to say with pride. I’m here to love and support you each day — And forever promise that together we’ll stay!
  18. “The Best Love Poem to Girlfriend”: Your love is like a rose so bright — It’s something that no one else can ignite. You give me hope in the darkest of days–And show me my worth in so many ways!
  19. “My One and Only”: You are all I need– My one and only love indeed! When our paths first crossed, I knew we were meant to be — And now you’re with me through thick and thin for eternity!
  20. “The Best of Us Love Poem Short “: Together we make something beautiful – An unspoken bond that cannot be broken; Even when things get tough, you can still see the best of us awaken.

20 Deep Short Love Poems for Him

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Love is a unique emotion that only two people can share. Why not use simple short love poems to express your feelings to the man you love? Here are 20 of them, specially written for him to make his heart swell with joy and love.

  1. “My Strength”: You are my strength, my rock and shield; When I’m with you, a fire is revealed. A flame that burns brighter than the sun – A love that will never leave me undone!
  2. “Totally Smitten Flirty Poem”: I’m totally smitten by your charms, And my heart beats fast whenever you’re in my arms; The way you make me feel inside, It’s like I can’t ever hide!
  3. “”The Best Kind of Love”: Our kind of love is the best kind; Its meaning and message are always on my mind; Your warmth and kindness make it all worthwhile, And I know together we’ll go the extra mile.
  4. “Thinking of You poems”: I love you more than words can say, You’re the love of my life in every single way; Our bond is strong and it’s here to stay, And I’m so glad that you chose me today!
  5. “My Treasure”: I found my treasure when I found you; That special someone to spend our lives through; The depths of your beauty cannot be measured, Just like how much we are truly treasured.
  6. “So Lucky I Love You poems”: Lucky as could ever be, When I’m with you all worries flee; With such an amazing partner by my side, It makes me feel like I’m living a dream come alive!
  7. “My Everything”: You are my everything, that’s true; From the stars in the sky to the waves of the blue; I am nothing without you by my side, So thank you for sticking with me and taking this ride!
  8. “Fade Away”: Even if the sun fades away — Our love will still remain; No matter what life throws our way– Together, we shall remain!
  9. Funny love poems “Roses Are Red”: Roses are red, violets are blue; I’ll be with you every step of the way; To show you how much I truly care, And together we’ll go the extra mile.
  10. “Love You More”: I love you more than the stars in the sky, I love you more than a beautiful sunrise; There’s nothing that can compare to your beauty and grace, I’m so thankful for all that you bring to this place!
  11. “Eternal small poems about love “: Our love is eternal and strong, We’ll never have reason to worry or be wrong; Together we’ll grow old with grace, Cherishing our time spent face-to-face!
  12. “Always by My Side”: No matter what life throws at us, You’ll always be by my side; With your hand in mine it makes me feel alive, And so happy to call you my bride.
  13. “Simple short love poems”: A love so deep that I have for you, Cannot be measured nor can it be true; But I’m ever so thankful that you are mine, And I hope this love lasts until the end of time!
  14. “My Sweetheart Love Poem Short”: My sweetheart, my beloved one, How lucky am I to call you mine? You make every day a magical place, With all the special moments we share face-to-face!
  15. “The Best Part of Me”: The best part of me is when I’m with you, When we laugh and talk about everything new; Our conversations light up my nights and days, Because life’s much better with your love in the fray!
  16. “Our Bond – Simple short love poems”: The bond between us is so unique and pure, Like a flame that’s dazzlingly bright and sure; Our love will never run out of fuel — It burns strong like the warmth of a summer day’s sunbeams too cool.
  17. “My Darling Love”: My darling love, my only one, There’s nothing greater than being loved by you; You show me all of life’s beauty and grace, With your touch that has no time or place!
  18. “A Moment of Bliss – Cute simple short love poems”: In this moment of bliss when I’m with you, Everything else fades away from view; Nothing else matters but us two together, As we’ve found a forever kind of weather!
  19. “Your Love is a Gift”: Your love is a gift that I could never repay, A blessing that God has sent my way; You fill my heart with joy and peace, And give me the strength to never cease!
  20. “Love Is Timeless – Simple short love poems”: Our love will never go away, Even when time passes by each day; It’s timeless like the stars above, With an undying passion of love!
  21. “Love is Like a Rose”: Love is like a rose, A beautiful bloom that will never close; It’s started with

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