Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me? Best Ways to Know For Sure

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You may have suspected that your boyfriend is seeing someone else behind your back, but without rock-solid evidence, the suspicion has been eating you up slowly. 

What’s worse? Statistics prove he – as with most men – cheat on their GFs. After all, comprehensive research has proven that men cheat more in a relationship by a considerable margin. 

Unfortunately, technology and the Internet can now aid his escapades more discreetly. So, he may not only be cheating on you but hiding it expertly. 

Think private chats, encrypted multimedia albums, and private late-night calls; you’d begin to get the gist. 

While all of these realities can confuse you about what to do next, keeping your composure and employing logic to solve your problems is essential. 

Generally, cheating boyfriends prefer you keep second-guessing yourself and wallowing in emotions. So, do better by making concerted efforts to get evidence of your BF’s other secret affairs. 

That way, you can confront him and know your stance on the relationship. 

This piece aims to show you how to tell if he’s cheating on you. As you read further, you’ll encounter the best spyware to help you trawl incriminating information on his phone without him knowing.

7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

Albeit doing everything possible to cover their infidelity activities, cheaters leave clues. 

If you pay enough attention, you can deduce that your boyfriend is no longer faithful to you in the relationship. 

Below are 7 common signs exhibited by a cheating BF:

Sign 1. Your Intuition Tells You He’s Cheating

You’d do yourself great good if you learn to trust your intuition – or at least listen to it. Intuition can play a role in your relationship with your boyfriend, and it’s often one of the first emotional signs that he’s cheating on you. 

However, we’re not referring to the suspicion you get when you see your man talking with another lady. Intuition is more deep-seated. 

This gut feeling makes you go, “I think my boyfriend is cheating on me,” with conviction.

Agreed, your intuition isn’t specific evidence that your man is cheating. It could be wrong, and your boyfriend might have changed due to mood swings. 

On the other hand, intuition could be correct – and is often the case. 

Pay Attention: It's best to think of your intuition as an early indication that your relationship needs a little more attention than you currently give it. You'd do well to be on the lookout for other signs from that point. 

Sign 2. His Tech Gadgets Have Changed

Smartphones and tech gadgets have made our lives more convenient. Despite their benefits, they’ve also enabled cheaters to manage and hide infidelity more effectively. 

However, there’s a paradox: the same technology that aids a cheating boyfriend also leaves more ways for him to get caught.

A sudden, unexplained change in his tech habits could strongly indicate a third person in the relationship. Did your boyfriend change his phone’s passcode without telling you? Did you find his second email he’s never mentioned previously? 

Those are tell-tale signs that your boyfriend is keeping an affair away from you. 

Another thing about this cheating indicator is that you should note his reaction when discussing his change. Cheaters are almost always on the defensive, and your partner is lying about cheating if he extensively argues with you when topics bordering on his infidelity crop up. 

Sign 3. Things No Longer Add Up Between You

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Another sign that your boyfriend has another mistress is when his normal activities with you abruptly change. Now, it doesn’t have to be a noticeable dramatic tilt like a palpable disinterest or something like that.

You might experience subtle changes where there’s an apparent logic gap in your boyfriend’s new behavior. 

For instance, say your man always hangs out with the boys on Saturday nights and returns by 9 PM. 

Suddenly, he returns much later than 9, and you keep catching a whiff of feminine cologne on his person. 

You’re not imagining things: he’s probably now having a not-so-platonic interaction with another woman.

Sign 4. Friends and Family Notice a Tension Between Both of You

Do close people notice and inform you of some subtle tension between you and your boyfriend? That’s one of the weird signs he’s cheating on you. 

The sign banks on the premise that cheaters get driven by guilt whenever they’re with their significant other. 

Since your boyfriend won’t want you to know that he’s seeing someone else, he’ll try to rationalize his actions, making it seem like you’re the problem.

As with most other signs, the result won’t be a massive change in his character but a barely-noticeable tension in your arguments and interactions with him. 

Your friends and family can quickly catch hints of such behavior since they’re the closest to the relationship besides you.

Sign 5. He’s Shut You Out from His Work 

Couples can develop the habit of inviting their partners to their workplace for occasional official dinners and shared lunch breaks. 

It’s a healthy practice for the relationship, and if your BF stops it without a decent explanation, best believe there’s a “work wife” in the picture.

Naturally, if there was a genuine reason for him to stop you from visiting him at work, he’ll be glad to explain it to you carefully. It could be a new company policy or a change of job position. Anything besides that could be amongst the signs he is definitely cheating on you. 

Sign 6. He’s Paying More Attention Than Usual

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One of the amusing signs your boyfriend is cheating and severely feeling guilty about it is when he is overly attentive around you. Seeing him run around the house with chores you won’t catch him dead doing on a regular day may look awkward. 

The fact is your man may be agitated for toying with your trust for him so cheaply. To calm his conscience (if he has one) and rationalize his actions, your boyfriend might become oddly caring and attentive. He’d also do that to allay the suspicions you might already have of his escapades.

Nonetheless, note that there might be other reasons for your boyfriend’s rapt attention to you. He probably discovered that the relationship needs more input on his end and decided to surprise you with cooking and cleaning. 

But this isn’t always the case, and such behavior should have a precedent. 

Maybe the two of you aren’t communicating, and the relationship is going through a tough patch. Even then, you man probably will take his time to explain things to you lovingly.

The problem arises when he’s overly attentive out of the blue. If you notice this, he’s overcompensating for handling two relationships simultaneously. 

Sign 7. He Plays The “UNO Reverse” Card

You: “Are you cheating on me?”, 

Him: “No, you’re cheating on me.” 

Your boyfriend may be bonkers enough to accuse you of cheating, even if you suspect him of the exact thing. Similar to the UNO card game, the reverse accusation technique is engaged to throw you off his tail. The idea is that you’d be too busy second-guessing yourself to worry about the mistress he sees elsewhere. 

No doubt, it’s such a sick, manipulative move. It’s also a clear sign that your boyfriend has a shady secret and is willing to throw you under the bus for it. 

How to Know If Your Man Is Cheating?

Unfortunately, the signs that your boyfriend is cheating aren’t clear evidence that he’s seeing someone else. Rather they’re indications that spur you to find out the truth yourself. Thus, you still have to figure out how to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

You must understand that it won’t be an easy task, and you’d have to stay switched on and vigilant: it’s going to be real investigative work! 

Your boyfriend will probably have his guards up, so it could get intense as one of you wants to stay one step ahead of the other. 

Thankfully, you can get solace with certain specialized apps that can execute the spy work with aplomb. 

What are they called? Spyware.

Spyware can discreetly retrieve vital information from the target’s smartphone. 

The unique feature of spy applications is that they are stealthy, leaving your boyfriend oblivious of your spying activities. You can download some of them for free, but we recommend choosing paid spyware alternatives as they have advanced add-ons and great support. 

With a typical spyware solution, you can see your BF’s secret chats across different platforms. You’ll also find his correspondence with the other lady, which will be enough evidence for you to catch him red-handed.

3 Apps to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone

Say I’ve decided to find out if my boyfriend is cheating. I’ll need a spy application to help me retrieve helpful information from his phone. However, it’s crucial to go for premium and feature-packed spy applications, as they’re more effective and time-saving. 

In the same vein, it’ll be much more convenient for you to engage an advanced “app to spy on my boyfriend’s phone.” 

Below are three great options you can consider:



eyeZy is one capable premium spyware you can install on your boyfriend’s phone to see if he’s cheating. The application has dozens of features, including call, text, and third-party app tracking. With eyeZy, you can see who your boyfriend is texting at 2 AM.

eyeZy is compatible with Android and iOS smartphone platforms, making it suitable for your boyfriend’s device model. So now, you can don your Inspector Gadget attire, knowing that positive results are on the horizon!



Arguably the most popular spyware solution available, mSpy has numerous premium monitoring features you can use to know if your man is cheating on you. 

What’s more?

It delivers information from his phone to you remotely. That makes it difficult for your boyfriend to suspect that you’re snooping into his phone.

mSpy has cost-effective pricing plans from which you can choose, supporting most device variations running Android and iOS.



TheSpyBubble is another powerful spyware app suited for employers or parents looking to track their staff or wards’ devices. 

Albeit suited for these individuals, you can also use it to spy on your boyfriend’s phone conveniently. The app can trawl data from the target smartphone and arrange them in a central dashboard for you. 

Also, TheSpyBubble is web-based, and you can access the monitored data remotely, relegating the need to go through your boyfriend’s phone manually every time he gets a new message. 

You’d also find the TheSpyBubble premium packages as budget-friendly with single or multi-month payment options. 

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When Is the Time to Bring Up the Topic of Cheating?

If you feel like your boyfriend is cheating, you might wonder what’s next after going through the hassle of observing him and spying on his phone to see if he’s seeing someone else. 

Could you be more upfront and discuss with him your suspicions? If so, when is the right time?

There are crucial points you must consider: first, you must establish that the relationship hasn’t devolved into an abusive one. Also, you must have enough proof – or at least a trusted intuition in such a case. 

Generally, the recommendation is to bring up the conversation as soon as possible. The sooner it is, the better. Most relationships recover from infidelity when both partners have a conversation about it at its early stages. 

However, this process is painful and heartbreaking. It’ll take time and concerted efforts to rebuild the broken trust between you.

He’s Cheating: What to Do Next?

disappointed girl

There’s no denying that infidelity is a sensitive topic. If you’re the victim of cheating in the relationship, things could get more complicated as you try to figure out the next step. 

However, you have some alternatives at your disposal once you’ve solid proof that your boyfriend is seeing someone else. 

Since your mental and emotional health is a priority in such conditions, you’d have to decide if you’d still want to continue in the relationship. It’s much easier to give a first-time cheating boyfriend a second chance. 

Conversely, it may be time to move on if your man is a serial cheater.

Another option is to use the cheating evidence you’ve gathered against him legally. This strategy could come in handy when the relationship has become abusive. 

NOTE: Most countries accept spied information when presiding over domestic violence charges. However, it has to be on the condition that you got consent from your man before you bugged his phone with spyware. 

Seeking Therapy: Why It’s Important

If your boyfriend’s infidelity has recently rocked your relationship, you might be in a limbo where you’d find it difficult to trust him. 

Yet, you don’t see yourself leaving the relationship. 

Such an emotional stalemate can take a toll on your mental health. 

However, if you’re willing to make things work between you, you and your BF could seek couples therapy. 

Generally, couples therapy provides you and your man a safe environment where you can easily discuss the circumstances leading to the cheating incident. 

Since you’re the victim in the case, you might not have the fortitude to broach the subject with your boyfriend at home. 

A trained therapist can lead the discussion for you and set you on the path of slow but steady emotional healing. Therapy sessions could also help you mend your romantic life with your boyfriend. 

If your man is cheating sexually – the most likely case – it would be difficult for you to get intimate afterward. However, therapy lets you take the time you need to feel comfortable around him again. 

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Do you think your boyfriend is cheating on you? Once you get that nagging thought, you’d want to know for sure to get some closure, at least. 

While the betrayal of trust is heartbreaking, you must stay strong and follow through on logical actions.

You’d want to take steps like looking out for subtle and tell-tale signs that he’s cheating. When you’re confident that he’s got some secrets, you can go ahead to install a spy app on his phone. 

Except your BF uses an iOS cell phone, note that you’ll need to unlock your boyfriend’s phone to complete the installation if he’s an Android user. Afterward, you can get info on his exchanges with the other person.

However, using stealthy spy applications with premium tracking functionalities is crucial.

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