Wondering How Can I Read Someone’s Text Messages from my Phone?

read someone's texts

When bad things happen, we might find some consolation if we’d tried our best to avert it. Reading other people’s text messages can help you get a handle on situations before they boomerang and cause irreparable damage.

Time and time again, tracking tools that are used to get other people’s text messages have proven themselves as an indispensable tool for keeping tabs on pertinent events around us. With people spending over 5 hours every day on their phones, it’s no wonder why learning how to read someone’s text messages without their phone can give us a full scoop on their activities.
If you’re sensing something off about your loved ones but can’t put a finger on it, this handy guide will help you gain closure. We’ll look at what a text tracker can do for you.

Not sure which software to launch out with? We’ll review some of the well-established apps that are newbie-friendly and have high success rates. If you have any questions in mind or are double-guessing yourself, we’ll help you find all the answers you need right here.

Why Do I Need To Monitor Text Messages?

You might find yourself at some point needing to dig up information on someone close to you, that’s if you’re not already there yet. And while the use of text message spy without access to phone has led to many sad stories where people abuse others using it, there are many legitimate situations where it’s probably the best way out.

Inappropriate Texts

Sometimes, kids do things that are too old for their age and could expose them to unnecessary trauma. A recent research by Cox Communication has it that 80% of teen sexters are under the age of 18.
Kids often do things without comprehending the full ramifications, and you’d want to be there to rein your kids before they do things they’d later regret.


Cyberbullies know how to play on a kid’s innocence. They’ll taunt your kids and make fun of them. With their frail, formative minds, you’d want to ensure your kids are not exposed to anything that could traumatize them, from name-calling to direct threats online.

Online Predators

Online predators are even more vicious. They’re not just in it for fun. They’re out to steal your kids from you, literally. They prey on your kids’ innocence, often pretending to be their new best friend. As your kids cozy up to them, they could try to brainwash them and take their vicious activities into the physical world.

Learning how to read someone’s text messages without their phone can help you spot a predator prowling on your kid so you can intervene on time and get your kids out of harm’s way.

Regulating Kids’ Online Activities

What your kids mostly do online is text, and they could be chatting with anyone from your neighbor’s kids to their friends back at school and random people they see online. Learning how to read someone’s text messages without installing software on their phone can help you track what your kids are doing online, the kind of friends they keep, their offline hookups, and more.

Employee Monitoring

Another class of people who often find themselves in need of more information about others is employers. Texting, especially during work, can be a huge source of distraction and unbecoming activities in the workplace. If you think your employees have been off to some funny business behind your back, then mastering how to see someone’s text messages might be a reliable way to get a handle on the situation.

Catching a Cheater

Learning how to read someone’s text messages without their phone free is one of the best ways to enforce transparency in a relationship.

But be careful, it’s a two-edged sword that has ruined many-a good relationship. It should be used as a last resort if the answers aren’t just forthcoming from any source.

Tracking your partner’s text messages can help you discover if they’re cheating on you in any way. Even if they’re not making out with someone per se, it could be emotional cheating – finding emotional support from someone else while acting cold on you, or financial cheating, where they’re carrying out shady deals behind your back that’s probably going to hurt your finances as well when it backfires.

What Is SMS Tracking Software and How Does It Work?

SMS tracking software

There are several ways to track someone’s SMS. But using SMS tracking software is one of the most reliable and newbie friendly.

Wondering how one works? It’s simple. You just need a couple of minutes to set them up on your target phone, and that’s it. They’re set and forget, meaning you don’t have to do any additional work once you have them set up initially.

Depending on the product you choose, you’ll probably just need to load the download and installation link on the target phone’s browser, or you might only just need to key in their phone’s credentials, like an Apple ID and password if they have an iPhone.

In some instances, you might need to jailbreak or root the target phone to expand your access to the phone’s text files.

The inner workings of SMS trackers also differ depending on the product, but you’d normally get reports of your target’s text messages on your user interface.

Once everything is in the right place, you’ll be able to access comprehensive reports of your target’s text covering not the text content, but also details like the time and date stamps, the contact details of the recipient, and any files exchanged in the texts.

Some apps come with advanced features for filtering through your target’s messages. You can search for suspicious messages using a few search filters. You can also set up keyword alerts to get notified whenever any set of suspicious words pops up in their conversations.

Top 3 Applications To Read Messages on Another Phone  

Looking for an app that’ll help you hit the ground running instantly in your quest to find closure over your loved one’s activities? Some apps have stood out over the years for giving everyday people access to high-grade technology with a newbie-friendly interface. They come with quick installation and simple operational procedures, and you could be getting onto some crucial information about your loved ones in no time with them.



MobiPast was originally designed as a parental control app that gives parents full discretion over their kids’ activities online. Thanks to its simplicity, stealth, and efficiency, it’s now being used by people from all walks of life who need to keep tabs on the people close to them.

With MobiPast, your kids can’t hide their text messages from you – even if they use hidden messaging apps or deliberately delete their messages. It covers every text they send or receive on any messaging platform, from SMS to Instant Messages, Messengers, and social media apps like Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, etc.

With the parental control feature, you can not only view their messages but can also delete suspicious messages to prevent anything untoward from happening. You can even block certain contacts from sending them inappropriate messages.


  • A straightforward installation process.
  • An easy-going user interface.
  • A well-organized message tracker with clear-cut labels on the text collections.
  • A pocket-friendly interface.


  • You might need to jailbreak or root the target phone to track text messages on certain apps.
  • No live support, and you might need to wait around for some time to hear back from customer care channels.



eyeZy gives you straightforward access to your target’s text data. Thanks to an AI-powered algorithm, eyeZy reaches deep into your target’s phone to extract their text data and put them in plain sight on your phone.

But unlike many other spy apps, eyeZy doesn’t just throw the text data at you and then leave you on your own, it actually organizes everything into an easily-digestible report so you can make sense of it all in an instant.

The AI algorithm combines their text data with data from other phone activities giving you a clearer picture of what’s going on in their heads. This increases the likelihood of making timely interventions against online predators, cyber bullies, and any other suspicious activities.


  • Gives comprehensive details of your target’s text messages, from time and date stamps to the details of the sender/receiver.
  • Multiple features for tracking text messages, from social media trackers to remote screenshots and a keyloggers
  • Tracks messages even after they’ve been deleted


There are no free trials, but eyeZy does offer a money-back guarantee, which makes it risk-free.


mSpy New

mSpy gives you a safe landing whether you’re just learning how to hack someone’s text messages from another phone or you’re looking to expand your tracking arsenal. From versatility to user-friendliness, affordable pricing, and excellent support, there’s a long list of reasons why mSpy is one of the best text message trackers out there today.

mSpy works on nearly every type of Android or iOS device, including very dated versions.

It also offers both stealth and overt tracking modes. If you want to keep your tracks covered, you can trust mSpy’s stealth operations. Even highly sophisticated antivirus scans can’t pick up the software, so rest assured yours will be clean-cut espionage.


  • Works whether or not the target phone is rooted/jailbroken
  • Tracks sent and received messages across every messaging platform, from Facebook and Twitter to other social media platforms, Instant Messengers, and even hidden apps.
  • Multichannel support – phone, email, and live chat


  • No free trials, but you can enjoy a 14-day money-back guarantee.


Is it possible to read someone’s text messages online for free?

That possibility depends on your prior skills and experiences. You can engage in highly sophisticated tactics like man-in-the-middle attacks and phishing, this all requires you to be a tech wizard.

Other than that, any free app that promises that you won’t have to dig deep and put in some highly technical skills to get other people’s text messages is practically misleading you. The truth is that software that does all the dirty work for you will cost a lot to run, set up and maintain. You’ll have to pay up something towards covering some part, if not all the cost of running the app.

Is it legal to read someone’s text messages?

The law on the legality of using software to read messages on another phone is as clear in some places as it’s ambiguous in others. That’s why text-tracking software companies often divest the responsibility for the legality of the use of their apps to the users. They can’t guarantee that every user will use the app within the confines of the law, because, in the first place, it’s not even possible for them to be aware of every relevant privacy law in all their userslocations, not to mention trying to ensure compliance with those laws. Hence, it’s up to the users to ensure that they’re using the app within the confines of laws that apply in their locality.

What is the best text message spy without access to a phone?

Only a highly sophisticated app with state-of-the-art tracking technology can allow you to track someone’s text messages without access to their phone. mSpy fits the bill perfectly.

At a very low entry-level price, mSpy can help you enjoy features like a quick setup, versatile usage, and comprehensive coverage of text messages across a variety of platforms.


In a fast-paced, constant-chatter information age, it can be quite challenging to keep tabs on things happening around us and the people we care for.

Now you know exactly what to do to stop shooting in the dark.

Go for full closure and discover all the important details you need to learn about your loved one’s activities. 

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