Soul Ties: What It Means and How You Can Break From One

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Throughout our lives, we go into relationships within various definitions, boundaries, and contexts. While the association might serve your interests at the time, you don’t always have a full picture of what’s happening.

This fact is especially true for soul ties.

Many people think soul ties are complicated and laden with sex. Nonetheless, you need to understand a soul tie – or any intimate relationship – doesn’t revolve around sex. Agreed, sex plays an essential role in a soul tie, but to strengthen or enhance the bond.

Is there a comprehensive meaning to soul ties? If so, how can you break out from one when you feel stuck? This article explores expert-backed details that’ll help you understand this relationship type.

What Is a Soul Tie?

A soul tie is a deep mental and emotional connection you have with someone else. Many sex experts and therapists believe the connection reaches the soul and often results from sexual intercourse.

How? The consensus is oxytocin – a bonding hormone creating deeper connections than normal – is released after intercourse with the opposite sex. 

But this analogy just covers soul ties meaning sexually and doesn’t tell the full tale. Not all sexual relationships cause the partners to feel emotionally bonded to one another afterward.

Then, what is a soul tie in a broader sense? Perhaps a more interesting take is its connotations in Christianity. Many Christian doctrines say sex facilitates immense emotional connections between partners. 

As such, adults should only practice it in the confines of marriage. This belief might only be based on natural attachments after sexual intercourse and the person’s over-spiritualization of naturally-occurring emotions.

Therefore, we need to consider a much broader scope when exploring soul ties’ meaning and importance.

A soul tie transcends sex: it’s a deep “soul” connection you can have with anyone. This link might be because you’ve met them in a past life or share a spiritual agreement to meet in this dimension to have a relationship.

As you might have already figured, it doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship. In some cases, it won’t be a happy one either. So, while you might feel attracted to someone, you’ll realize a relationship with them isn’t all bliss and fun. Thus, it’s crucial to know how to identify symptoms of soul ties and get out of one if the need arises.

Signs You’re Soul-tied to Someone

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After demystifying the idea around soul ties, it’s best to follow up with tips on identifying one. As established, people don’t realize what’s going on in the relationship while they’re in it. Therefore, you might want to take a few steps back to see if your relationship denotes these symptoms of soul ties:

#1 The Connection runs Deeper

Having deep connections in a relationship might sound common to most individuals. However, it underlines the soul tie definition much more clearly. You’ll feel like you both got bonded on an almost spiritual level. 

How can you tell, then? It usually comes on as a clear and profound sense of connection you can’t shake off easily.

If someone makes you feel this way, even if you’re not in a relationship with them, you’re most likely experiencing soul ties.

#2 The Emotions and Reaction Are Much Stronger

Figuring out how to know if you have a soul tie with someone might make you realize that different couples can experience varying connection intensities in a soul tie. However, a constant characteristic is the stronger emotions the other person tends to elicit from you. You may also notice quicker reactions when you’re around someone with whom you share soul ties.

Furthermore, the behavior could swing both ways. On the one hand, you might feel instant comfort or joy when you’re around the individual. Conversely, your feelings might revolve around intense worry or curiosity. 

Overall, soul ties with someone else could elicit many strong emotions or reactions you wouldn’t normally exhibit.

#3 You feel “Complete” With the Other Person

Another sign of a soul tie to observe is the feeling that a particular person completes you as a human being. While it might sound cliché, one of the crucial signs of soul ties is they make you feel inadequate without the other person.

This scenario can also happen in a romantic or sexual relationship where one partner has several pre-existing attachment issues.

However, this particular trait could pose a problem for some couples. One of the dangers of soul ties is that it gets toxic when you feel you can’t function as a whole without the other person. 

Even worse, one might ask questions like, “can soul ties be one-sided?” and feel irreparably broken if the relationship doesn’t work out.

If a part of you feels missing if your partner leaves you, you might be experiencing a soul tie with them. 

However, this will happen when you’ve further grown attached to the person. As you might have guessed, breaking up in such a scenario becomes painful.

#4 You get an Acute Feeling That They’re Familiar

Have you ever interacted with someone and asked the “Have we met before” question? 

Soul ties occur between people who feel familiar with one another, even if they’ve only met a few times. You could feel there was a previous relationship in another lifetime or dimension.

This trait is one of the less evident symptoms of soul ties.

Why? Because you can have the same feeling with someone, you aren’t romantically attracted to. Nonetheless, it’ll be best want to check it out within your circle of friends and acquaintances

#5 They Show Up in the Right Place and Time

Soul ties are advanced spiritual contracts between two people. As such, you can expect that they’ll show up at a strategic time and place to play their part in your life. For many people, the individuals with whom they have soul ties tend to emerge at pivotal moments to provide healing, counsel, or general help.

A simple test you can initiate is backtracking on your friends and thinking about how you first met them in the first place. What part of life were you on at the time? What did they have to offer then? 

Answers to these questions might give you a clue as to which of your known contacts you share a soul tie.

#6 The Relationship Feels Unique

Many relationship experts say soul ties typically lead to unique relationships where each moment feels pristine. You might get fresh bursts of emotions you’ve never had before, which could be good or bad. 

For instance, if the relationship is romantic, you might suddenly get a “never-felt-before” sexual passion and intensity. In other cases, it might be the strong urge to start new projects and commitments with your partner.

How to Break a Soul Tie?

You must understand that a soul tie doesn’t guarantee a healthy or successful relationship. Also, you might want to move on from someone with whom you share a soul tie (like an ex, for example). 

This endeavor might prompt you to learn how to eliminate soul ties.

First, you need to feel like you’re a whole being on your own and don’t need someone to make you feel like it. Christian traditions believe couples become “one” once married. However, that alludes to two complete adults coming together to become one rather than two halves making a whole.

With that in mind, you may also want to consider the fact that breaking a soul tie, or any human connection, can get challenging. From the “breakoff period” to the healing process afterward, you might have to get help professionally or from loved ones.

Then, you can begin the tie-breaking ritual, either alone or with the help of a therapist. It’s a simple process involving meditation and telling the person’s soul you no longer wish to be in a relationship with them. 

They might not hear you physically, but their soul will.

When it’s over, it’s best to fill yourself with positivity: learning how to break a soul tie with an ex might make you feel like you won’t get another deep relationship. 

However, the truth is you can find another individual as special and essential to your life at the time.

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Bottom Line

Soul ties are a form of advanced relationship anyone can have. While they’re neither uncommon nor bad, certain traits and circumstances may cause soul ties to bloom into unhealthy attachments. 

Conversely, you could have a healthy relationship with the other person, especially in a non-romantic context.

Since it can swing either way, it’s best to clearly understand some common signs of soul ties, such as we’ve discussed above. Beyond identifying one, you can also understand how to get rid of soul ties with the tips mentioned in the article.

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