How Can I Read My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Touching His Phone?

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At the park some years ago, your boyfriend popped the big question – would you be my girlfriend? Because of the love you had for him, you agreed immediately. Good times.

However, some months later, you notice your boyfriend is acting all secretive and weird. Although you thought of it as a mood swing, you get agitated as he becomes more distant by the day. 

Now, you’re asking yourself many questions: what did I do wrong? Doesn’t he find me attractive enough? Is he seeking solace in the arms of a secret lover? 

These questions will remain rhetorical until you seek answers by taking deliberate action. Also, with surveys suggesting there’s a 62% chance of cohabiting couples breaking up within 10 years, now’s the time to get your gut feeling all sorted. 

Two years after meeting my boyfriend, I noticed he was becoming more careful with his phone. Although I shrugged this off initially, his late-night texts made me curious. 

Making Google searches in the lines of “how can I read my boyfriend’s text messages” got me the alternatives I needed to get a hold of his activity. Nonetheless, it was a nerve-racking experience as I found out that he was having an affair with his colleague.

If you have a cheating boyfriend and want to nail him with rock-solid proof, I’ll give extensive information on the apps that helped me. Using these mediums, you have a 95% chance of reading your boyfriend’s texts.

Apps to See Who He’s Texting in a Nutshell

Have you ever asked the question – how can I see my boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing? If yes, note that several apps are available to make this endeavor possible. Their tag? Spy apps. 

So, what are spy apps? A spy application is software created to get data from another smartphone without the user knowing. Using a spy app, you have access to every text and call log on the target’s device. 

Trawled data from the target device are segmented in a unique dashboard or control panel accessible by you 24/7. You can use a spy application to see what your boyfriend is up to without their password.

There are numerous spy apps online claiming to offer spying services. However, only a few can answer the “how to track phone calls and text messages for free” query without hassles. 

How Do Spy Apps Work?

Unlike other ineffective applications, spy apps work in 100% stealth mode. This add-on means that the app’s thumbnail will become invisible upon installation. Thus, you can monitor the target without them knowing. 

Benefits of Using a Spy Application

There are many benefits of using a monitoring app to spy on your boyfriend’s Android or iOS device. 

Notable options include:

  • Call Log Tracking

Using a spy application, you can monitor your boyfriend’s sent and received calls. You can also use spyware to see the duration of each exchange and the extensive details of every contact. 

  • Text Message Monitoring

You can use a spy app to see who he’s texting 24/7. If your boyfriend decides to delete incriminating chats, a spy application is your best bet to retrieve them. 

  • Access to Social Media Channels

If you think your boyfriend is texting his secret lover via social media, look towards spy applications. With a spy app in the thick of things, you can view his exchanges on popular Instant Messaging (IM) apps like WhatsApp and Instagram. 

  • GPS Tracking 

With spy apps, you can see the real-time whereabouts of your boyfriend. Unlike OS-specific tracking services, spyware provides that extra bit of accuracy. 

What’s more? Using the geofencing add-on on top-tier spy apps, you can set “danger zones.” If your boyfriend enters any of these areas, you’ll receive an instant alert. 

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  • Keyword Alerts

Consider using a spy application if you want to hack your boyfriend’s text messages with relative ease. Since some spyware integrates Keyword Alerts, you’ll receive a notification once the target inputs a restricted word. 

With this add-on, you’re a tap away from viewing your boyfriend’s flirty texts via SMS or social media. 

  • App Blocking 

Do you think there’s an app on your boyfriend’s phone shifting the focus away from you? Worry no more, as spy applications help you block apps permanently or temporarily. 

DID YOU KNOW: The laws governing spy application use vary by country. Thus, you’d want to ensure that device monitoring isn’t frowned at in your jurisdiction before hitting the ground running. 

Can I See Who My Boyfriend Is Texting Without His Phone? (iPhone Users)

girl reading texts on iphone

If you have the “how to see who my boyfriend is texting for free on iPhone” query, note that this activity doesn’t require anything extra. Unlike Android cell phones, you don’t need to access the target smartphone physically to install spyware. 

Here, all that’s required is the iCloud credentials of the target’s iPhone. Since Apple advises its clients to back up their files regularly, iPhone monitoring is seamless if the tracked user has a cloud backup active. 

To spy effectively on iPhone and other iOS devices, I recommend using the eyeZy application. Known for its intuitive user interface and futuristic functions, getting started with eyeZy is hassle-free. 

What’s more? eyeZy works in 100% stealth mode. Thus, the target has no idea you’re trawling data in the background. 

NOTE: Spying on an iOS smartphone will seem almost impossible if the target has 2FA active. So, before you use the eyeZy app, ensure you deactivate this feature. 

Tracking Text Messages: iOS Features

eyeZy features

The eyeZy application isn’t tagged “the most powerful phone monitoring software on the planet” for nothing. If you want answers to your “how to hack my boyfriend’s phone” query, eyeZy caters to your text tracking needs with these add-ons: 

  • Social Spotlight

Even though you aren’t a part of your boyfriend’s chats on Instant Messengers like Facebook and Instagram, you can read everything on your eyeZy dashboard. 

If your boyfriend sends messages via SMS, eyeZy has got your back. You can also recover deleted chats.

Sherlock Holmes on a virtual front? eyeZy seems to be a perfect fit. 

  • Keystroke Capture

This eyeZy function grants you unrestricted access to every keystroke made on your boyfriend’s iPhone. 

That’s not all: You can set keywords on his smartphone. If any pops up during a conversation, eyeZy will send a notification immediately. eyeZy’s AI will also send alerts if it senses something wrong with your boyfriend’s typing pattern. 

  • Connection Blocker

Are you tired of your boyfriend sending those late-night messages to his secret lover? eyeZy’s “Connection Blocker” is available to make this endeavor frustrating for him. 

This add-on helps you block his preferred messaging apps temporarily or permanently. Thus, no matter what he does to bypass this restriction, he’ll hit a dead end each TIME. 

  • Screen Recorder

Asking the usual “can I see who my boyfriend is texting without his phone” query may become old-fashioned quickly as eyeZy provides a futuristic functionality – Screen Recorder. 

This eyeZy’s function lets you take screenshots of your boyfriend’s device at intervals. On your dedicated eyeZy Control Panel, you’ll see these images arranged alongside their timestamps. 

NOTE: To know if eyeZy is compatible with the target iPhone, head to the “Compatibility Checker” section. Now, insert the model to see if it’ll work with eyeZy. 

Steps to Check Boyfriend’s Text Messages on iPhone

Does your boyfriend use an iPhone, and you’d like to track their texts? Not to worry. This activity is seamless and straightforward as long as you follow these steps:

Step 1. Create an Account

Visit eyeZy’s official site and tap the “TRY NOW” icon. Now, insert your email address to create an account. 

Step 2. Download the App on the Target Device

Access the target’s device and install the eyeZy application upon account creation. After installation, sign in to your dedicated dashboard and scan the device’s cloud backup. 

Step 3. View Text Messages and Other Data

After scanning, you can now access the chats, call log, GPS location, and multimedia files on your boyfriend’s iPhone without hassles. 

How to Track Phone Calls and Text Messages (Android Users)

girl reading texts on android

When you search Google for Android spy applications, you’ll find numerous mediums available. Most of these options claim to offer spying services that won’t require access to the target device. 

Although these offerings might seem to incentivize, you must be careful. 

Why? You can monitor an Android cell phone without making physical contact. So, if you find any spy application that promises remote installation, steer clear.

You might be thinking, “how can I see who my boyfriend is texting?” Besides the scams, there are several safe and secure Android spy apps. 

The one I’ll be focusing on here? mSpy. 

mSpy is comprehensive Android spyware that’ll give you insight into your boyfriend’s texts and calls without him knowing. With 36+ features in the mix, mSpy is the perfect fit if you crave accuracy 24/7. 

Getting started with mSpy is straightforward, and you can install the application on the target device within 5 minutes. 

Android Text Spying Features

mspy features

With the mSpy app, you have access to the following text spying capabilities:

  • Manage Calls

mSpy gives you access to incoming and outgoing calls on your boyfriend’s device. You can also see what time he made the call alongside their duration. 

  • Track Text Messages 

Interested to see what messages make your boyfriend giggle at odd hours? mSpy grants you access to sent and received SMS messages. You can also get a hold of the multimedia files embedded in these exchanges.

  • Read Messaging Applications

Instant Messaging apps like Facebook, Kik, Snapchat, and Instagram have become hotspots for illicit affairs. 

Fortunately, mSpy lets you in on your boyfriend’s chats across these channels. You can also view these conversations’ videos, GIFs, stickers, and images.

  • Monitor Internet Activity

If you suspect your boyfriend’s Internet activities, you can view what sites he has visited and the timeline he spends on each. You can restrict his access to certain websites if you think that they’ll negatively impact your relationship in the long run.

Steps to Get Your Boyfriend’s Messages Sent to Your Android Phone

Although most Android spying apps require rooting to function as intended, mSpy deviates from this school of thought. 

You can use mSpy without going through the complex rooting process by following these steps:

Step 1. Create an Account

Visit the mSpy site and click the “TRY NOW” button in the top right corner. Now, insert your email and tap the “T&Cs” checkbox just below to create an account.

Step 2. Download the App on the Target Device

Once you’ve registered on mSpy, install the application on the Android device you want to monitor. If you have any issues during this process, customer support is on hand to offer ideal resolutions. 

Step 3. Check Boyfriend’s Text Messages on Control Panel Remotely

After installing mSpy on the target device, log into your dedicated “Control Panel.” Once logged in, you should encounter a setup wizard that requires some details. 

When you’ve filled in these details, tap the “Messages” menu on the Control Panel to see the messages your boyfriend exchanged in recent times.

Top Three Apps to Hack Boyfriend’s Text Messages: Choose Yours

Since smartphone monitoring became a thing, several spy apps have made their way to the market. However, after comparing and contrasting many alternatives, I’ve picked my top three choices.

They include:


eyeZy app

eyeZy is a top-tier spy application you can use to hack your boyfriend’s text messages in real-time. This app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. 

eyeZy installation is straightforward, and the chances of you encountering a problem is minimal. Even if you do, the app has 24/7 customer support to cater to your needs. 


mSpy text message tracker

mSpy is a spy application with worldwide acclaim. With 36+ functions, seeing your boyfriend’s messages and phone calls doesn’t require anything extra. You can use mSpy to track Android and iOS devices.

Installing mSpy is smooth sailing. To ensure you don’t get entangled in issues, mSpy has a guide that should see you complete this process within five minutes. With bank-grade encryption in the mix, you don’t have to fret about trawled data getting into the wrong hands.


TheSpyBubble app

TheSpyBubble is a jack of all spying trades due to its varied feature list. This spy app gives you access to all the messages on your boyfriend’s cell phone. 

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, this spy app provides an online help service for those finding it hard to conclude the installation process. 

TheSpyBubble also works in stealth mode. Thus, your boyfriend is unaware of your monitoring endeavors.


Spynger app

Spynger is a mobile application designed for text phone tracking and monitoring. It provides users with a range of features to track and monitor mobile devices discreetly. With Spynger, you can keep an eye on the target device’s activities and gather information without being detected.

Spynger is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible even for those who are not tech-savvy. The app operates discreetly in the background of the target device, ensuring that it remains undetectable. This means that the person being monitored will not be aware of Spynger’s presence on their device.


How to See Who My Boyfriend Is Texting for Free?

Spy apps that claim to provide free monitoring services are scams. Thus, I recommend you go with top-notch spy applications like mSpy or eyeZy that offer a demo version. That way, you can test the waters for a period before taking the plunge.

How to Get His Phone Password?

The keylogger add-on on most spy applications gives you a chance at getting your boyfriend’s password. 

Since the keylogger records every keystroke, you can see the PIN or alphanumeric characters he inputs as a password. Now, you can access his cell phone without subjecting yourself to multiple guesses. 

What Are the Main Signs That He’s Cheating on His Phone? 

The main signs that he’s cheating on his phone are:

  • He starts making late-night calls
  • He becomes overprotective of his phone
  • He often giggles while chatting 
  • All his IM apps are passworded

Major Takeaway

Do you think your boyfriend’s behavior has been weird lately? If so, there’s a high possibility that he’s cheating on you with someone else. To get irrefutable evidence against him, I’ve sieved out three spy apps that get the job done when trawling texts from the target device.

Your boyfriend cheating on you can be life-changing – I’ve been there. Nonetheless, I hope that this article marks your journey to redemption.

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