Hanging Out Vs.Dating: How to Tell If You’re Just Friends or Dating

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It can be hard to tell whether you’re hanging out or dating. How can you answer the question: “Are we dating or just friends?” There are a few key signs that can help you figure it out. In this article, we will discuss the differences between hanging out and dating, and we will provide tips on how to tell if you’re just friends or dating.

Hang Out Vs Date: What Is The Difference?

Read His Body Language And Speech

Our body language can tell us a lot about what someone is thinking. If you’re hanging out with someone and wondering, “Are we dating or hanging out?” pay attention to their body language. If they are leaning in towards you, maintaining eye contact, and smiling, then they are probably interested in you romantically. However, if they keep their distance from you, do not make eye contact, and generally seem uninterested, they may see you as just a friend.

Another way to read his body language is by paying attention to how he touches you. A guy interested in you will likely touch your arm or hand while talking to you. If he’s not touching you at all, he may not be interested in you romantically.

Some keywords and phrases can help you determine if you’re just hanging out or dating. If your conversations always revolve around hanging out and doing activities, you’re just friends. However, if your conversations are more personal and include topics like your feelings for each other, then you may be dating.

It can be tricky to tell whether you’re hanging out or dating, but by paying attention to their body language and the words they use, you should get a pretty good idea. And if you’re still not sure, don’t be afraid to ask them! It’s better to know for sure than to guess wrong and end up heartbroken.

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Was It A Date? What Is About His Attention?

Hanging Out Vs.Dating

When you’re on a date with your man, he will pay more attention to what is happening here and now than anything else. He will be focused on you and what you are saying. He will also likely be trying to make a good impression. However, when just hanging out with your guy friends, he is more likely to be thinking about other things going on in his life.

If he’s not actually into you, he will find any excuse not to pay attention to you. If he’s hanging out with you, he may be thinking about other things, but he’ll still make some effort to engage with you.

If your man is only hanging out with you and not taking you on dates, he may be trying to avoid commitment or just doesn’t see you as a romantic prospect.Are we dating or just friends? When a man is interested in a woman, he will want to spend time alone with her and get to know her better. He will also want to impress her. If your guy isn’t doing these things, likely, he’s not that interested in you.

Is Hanging Out With A Guy Alone A Date? His Look May Say More Than Words

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a guy is interested in you or just wants an opportunity for some good old-fashioned one-upping. But, some ways will help determine whether he has your interest at heart: 

  1. Check his appearance – does this person seem clean-cut and well put together? Is their hair properly groomed?
  2. Does he have fresh breath? Gross mouth odor isn’t attractive either, even before we get into dating territory

If he ticks off both of those boxes, it’s likely that he takes some level of pride in his appearance and sees you as someone worth impressing. This indicates that hanging out with him alone could lead to something more.

Are We Dating Or Hanging Out? Notice How Many People Are Around You

When it comes to dating, a couple aims to stay alone for intimate and deep conversation. If you meet only while the group of your friends hangs out, it says he’s not much into you.

On the other hand, hanging out means doing an activity together like going to a party or a movie. There is nothing wrong with hanging out with friends of either sex- it just doesn’t have the romantic feel that dating does.

There are some definite signs to look for the answer to the question, “Is this a date?”. If he takes you out on dates- dinner, movies, etc., he is interested in you romantically. If he only wants to hang out with you and his buddies, he’s probably not looking for anything more than friendship.

Are We Dating Or Just Friends? Check His Behaviour


He’s showing off his manners by opening doors and covering the lap with a coat when you two sit close. This shows that he wants to make sure everything is alright; even in casual conversation, there should be some respect for your partner- especially if they’re female!

He’s just being himself – probably more relaxed than usual since it’s just hanging out and not an official date. So if he’s cracking jokes, it’s probably because that’s his sense of humor – not because he’s trying to be funny for your benefit.

If you’re hanging out with a group of friends and he introduces you as “his girl,” then it’s likely that he considers you to be more than just friends.

Is This A Date? Compliments Are Another Sign

Compliments are another sign that you may be dating instead of just hanging out. If your conversations are peppered with compliments about the other person, this is a good indication that things are getting serious. Compare this to hanging out with friends, where compliments are rare and usually saved for special occasions. If you find yourself complimenting your friend on their outfit or hair more often than not, you’re likely hanging out, not dating.

How To Check Was It A Date? He Seems A Bit Nervous

One of the easiest ways to tell if you’re hanging out or dating is to observe how the other person seems around you. They likely see you as more than just friends if they seem a bit nervous, fidgety, or tongue-tied. This isn’t always the case, of course – some people are just naturally shy – but if their body language seems to scream “date” rather than “hang out,” it’s a good indication that things are heading in a more romantic direction.

On the other hand, if the person seems more at ease and comfortable around you, they may see you as nothing more than friends. Of course, this can also depend on the person’s personality.

Hang Out Meaning Vs What’s The Date: The Topic Of Your Conversations Have Something To Tell

You can tell if you’re dating or just friends with someone by the types of conversations. Suppose they revolve primarily around hanging out and plans. That might mean things aren’t serious enough for anything more than casual bonding between two people who know each other well yet don’t care about any deeper feelings or commitments.

Are we dating or hanging out? If certain subject matter starts getting covered such as talk about our love lives – which would include everything from crushes on new acquaintances all way down to discussing what kind/color underwear we wear every day, this could signal their stronger mutual interest/ It’s not foolproof. Still, it can be a helpful guideline to go off.

Is It A Date? You’re Flirting With Each Other

Flirting is a delicate balance between casual hanging out and dating. There are types of guys whose flirt is just a manner of their everyday talk. However, most of the men are trying to figure out if they’re interested or not. If you’re hanging out with a guy and he starts to flirt, the best way to respond is just to flirt back. This will let him know that you are open to his advances and might lead somewhere.

So what to do if you suddenly understand: “Is this a date?” If he starts getting more serious with his flirting, like asking about your love life or what type of guys you like, it’s probably safe to say that he is interested in taking things further than just hanging out. If this happens, it’s time for you to start thinking about whether or not you want to date him.

Are We Dating Or Hanging Out? A Physical Touch Is A Silent Sign Of Love


A simple touch can mean a lot when you’re hanging out with someone. It shows that you care about them and are interested in what they have to say. A hug, a pat on the back, or even taking their hand can make the difference.

However, those touches become even more important when you’re dating someone. They signify your love and affection for each other. While hanging out with someone, these physical displays of love may not be as necessary because they don’t carry the same weight.

How can you tell if you’re just hanging out or dating? Physical touches can help clue you in on your relationship status. You are likely friends if you’re getting gentle touches on your head or back while hanging out. If those touches turn into passionate displays of love, you’re officially dating!

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So, what’s the difference between hanging out and dating? If you’re not sure, it might be time to have a conversation with your partner and see where you both stand. If you’re looking for something more serious, let them know and see if they’re on the same page. But if you’re just hanging out for fun, that’s okay too! As long as both parties are clear on what’s going on, there’s no need to worry. Thanks for reading!


What To Do When Hanging Out With A Guy Alone?

First of all, check out the atmosphere around you and your feelings about the meeting. If you’ve just met and want to be friends with him and nothing more, hanging out is the right step. If you’re feeling a bit flirty or have butterflies in your stomach when hanging out one-on-one, it might be time to start thinking about whether you’re just friends or dating.

Is Hanging Out With A Guy Alone A Date?

Invitation to a personal meeting doesn’t mean anything romantic alone. However, if there’s already been physical contact, hanging out alone definitely takes on a more date-like feeling. If you’re not sure what the status of your relationship is, it might be worth asking him if he sees you as just friends or if he’s interested in hanging out with you on a more romantic level.

Was It A Date – How To Know?

People often wonder if they are just hanging out or on a date. It can be hard to tell, especially if you’re not used to dating. If you are alone and there is sexual tension or flirting, then it’s probably a date. If you’re not sure, there are some other ways to tell.

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  1. My friend and I have been “hanging out” for a while now. We text every day, see each other at least once a week, and have even gone on a few dates. But I’m not sure if we’re just friends or if we’re dating. How can I tell?

    1. There’s no easy answer to this question. It depends on how you and your friend interact with each other and how you feel around them. If you’re not sure, it’s best to ask directly. That way, you can avoid any confusion or hurt feelings.

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