Here Are Some Of The Celebrities Who Have Had Problems With Gambling

Charlie Sheen

The fact that a lot of celebrities are interested in gambling is probably not a surprise to most of you. It has always been challenging to bet on sports or play casino games, which is why even celebrities are interested in it. 

Sadly, not all of them can control how much they spend, which is why some of them get in trouble. This means that although you can check betfred mobile for mobile gambling goodness and use them to play on the go, you need to be responsible and monitor how much you spend and what you spend it on. Otherwise, you could have problems while wagering.

But which are the celebrities that have been involved in such accidents? Well, we are about to find out.

Tiger Woods

When you hear the word golf, you automatically think of Tiger Woods. He is by far the most popular name in the sport, as well as one of the world’s leading athletes. Even though he is known for a lot of good things, he also had some problems in the past, one of which is gambling addiction.

Tiger Woods used to visit the Mansion a lot before, and he played blackjack. According to some rumors, he used to play with $25,000 per hand, which makes Tiger Woods one of the many high rollers out there.

Michael Phelps

When talking about big names in certain sports, we need to include Michael Phelps. This is the most popular person in swimming and one of the most successful Olympic athletes in the world. Unfortunately, Phelps also has some problems, one of which is related to gambling.

According to the people around him, Michael Phelps is really interested in poker. Being competitive allows him to dominate his sport, but it’s bad for online gambling because it could lead to spending a lot of money.

Charlie Sheen

One of Hollywood’s iconic names has been a part of many movies, including the legendary Two and a Half Men. While it’s true that Charlie is the focus of attention there, we are also aware that Sheen’s real-life sort of resembles his character in the TV series.

Thanks to some sources, we know that Charlie Sheen is an active gambler. In fact, one of the people he was married to, Denise Richards, stated that he used to spend more than $200,000 weekly on gambling. 

The good news is that Sheen is on the path to recovery because there was an interview recently where he said he is no longer interested in gambling. 

Allen Iverson

There are many big NBA stars that have been involved in gambling activities. Although some people will probably think of Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson is definitely the more popular one when it comes to gambling addictions.

Once one of the most successful players in the NBA, Iverson has had tons of gambling and drinking issues. Consequently, the player lost everything and is in debt. He even used to have an exclusive lifetime contact with the giant Reebok, but it is no longer active. The same applies to his wife, who divorced him and also takes care of their five kids.

Ray Romano

The last name that we have to talk about when discussing problems with gambling and celebrities is Ray Romano. He is one of the popular faces in Hollywood, but this hasn’t prevented him from being affected by his gambling addiction. In fact, one of the roles he’s in (Joe Tranelli) is actually based on his life experience.

There have been many reports over the years about his gambling issues, and the actor even sought help from the popular responsible gambling authorities. Interestingly, he is more interested in wagering on virtual bets now and competed in one of the big poker tournaments.

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