12 Best Crystals For Students Based On Zodiac Signs

Best Crystals For Students Based On Zodiac Signs

Since ancient times, it was considered that crystals and stones had plenty of healing and mystical properties. Each crystal has a certain energy that resonates with human personality and the flow of life force.

Knowing the date of birth, you can choose a talisman that reveals someone’s full potential, emphasizes strengths, or vice versa – minimizes the impact of negative qualities.

A correctly selected stone helps us live in harmony with ourselves and the world around us. There are crystals that protect our aura, cleanse the space, heal emotional wounds and make us luckier. 

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Aries – Carnelian

Aries are dynamic leaders, but sometimes impulsiveness plays a cruel joke on them. Therefore, the perfect crystal for Aries is carnelian. It will not only recharge your batteries, but also ensure you feel calm and prevent you from making wrong decisions. 

In addition, this stone eliminates negative feelings such as jealousy and envy. So if you want to protect your life from fights and toxic dialogues, make sure you have some jewelry with carnelian. It’s known to make your relationships more supportive, which is so important for an emotional Aries.

Taurus – Rose Quartz

Ruled by Venus, Taurus values the best things in life, especially love and warmth. Rose quartz opens the heart chakra and releases a significant dose of kindness. Astrologers recommend Taurus to carry a small rose quartz with them in order to maintain inner peace despite the chaos in the world around them. 

The stone also promotes self-love and self-acceptance, cures deep traumas, and enhances creativity and imagination. Many representatives of this sign work in the field of art, so such properties will be handy to them.

Gemini – Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz has a positive effect on ideas and erudition which is amazing for an open-minded Gemini. Using this crystal improves memory and increases mental energy which will be useful for self-education and upgrading new skills. Astrologers advise having such a stone nearby when you need to prepare for an important event, such as an exam or a job interview. 

The warm golden hue of the stone activates the solar plexus chakra, which is associated with personal power and self-confidence. Geminis often suffer from emotional swings, so they can use a little stability.

Cancer – Moonstone

Cancer is known to have plenty of hidden feelings (many of them are unconscious) which may result in anxiety and great stress. Therefore, a moonstone is an incredible choice for this water sign. In fact, it has the power to relieve tension, giving peace and serenity. 

Moonstone arouses dreaminess, softness and tenderness, also revealing intuition. By the way, moonstones will help Cancers when traveling. It will bring good luck in foreign countries and remove any obstacles.

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Leo – Amber

Leos are associated with bright emotions, a great love of life, energy and fun. Calm crystals in pastel colors are not for a Leo. This sign is best suited to yellow, golden and orange shades. Properly selected stones will tune Leo to a more understanding and lenient perception of reality. 

Amber, like a small sun, gives Leo optimism. The soft yellow reflections of the stone calm down the volcano of emotions. Choose a bracelet or necklace in yellow gold to ensure it resonates with your aura as much as possible. Leos usually have a million activities, so more and more students rely on the best dissertation writing service when their workload is too huge. In the modern world, you simply cannot do without talented assistants, right?

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Virgo – Red Jasper

Virgo and red jasper have a lot in common: they are known for bringing practicality and clarity to all areas. Jasper was once called the blood of Mother Earth, so here we see a perfect coincidence of elements. This stone will allow Virgo to control their focus. 

With a red jasper, the hyper-organized and analytical Virgo will solve all problems quickly and effortlessly. Jasper also reduces stress, promotes concentration as well as increases creativity and self-confidence. Therefore, it is an ideal crystal for a sign known for its perfectionism. 

Libra – Lazurite

The deep blue color of lazurite is reminiscent of the sky and the golden veins of the stars. The representatives of the sign certainly appreciate such beauty. Lazurite balances energies, which is so necessary for this air sign. 

The blue crystal encourages Libra to become more self-aware and see the true reality – that is, to find personal harmony. Lazurite also opens the throat chakra, awakens the third eye and increases the ability to receive intuitive clues. Libras are known as seekers of truth and warriors for justice, so such qualities will come in handy for them.

Scorpio – Obsidian

Scorpios are strong, independent individuals, sparkling with charisma and passion. There are often ill-wishers around them, so a stone with protective power will be of use. Obsidian protects Scorpios from negative vibrations and improves the intuitive side of a water sign. 

Obsidian works as a mirror that reflects the bad wishes and thoughts of others. The stone also frees you from obsessive thoughts and cleanses the mind. By the way, if you practice meditation and want to establish deeper contact with the subconscious, always keep an obsidian in your space.

Sagittarius – Turquoise

“Too much to do” is what you can often hear from a Sagittarius who is trying to manage endless activities. Turquoise gives a greater balance between emotions and thoughts, so such a talisman ensures Sagittarius sets the right priorities. By the way, turquoise reduces quarrels and misunderstandings and removes nervous tension. 

Sagittarians are diplomats by nature, so this stone will create a peaceful environment around them. Turquoise also develops intuition and prudence, which will definitely not be superfluous for overly trusting Sagittarius.

Capricorn – Nephritis

An intense green colored gemstone gives Capricorns a sense of gentleness and kindness. It also makes them more fair. Conservative and stubborn Capricorns tend to judge people sometimes, so nephritis helps them to let go of control. The crystal is also suitable for those who want to become more flexible and change their worldview. The stone inspires you to manifest your most authentic and deepest desires, especially in relationships and work environments. This way Capricorns will learn to hear their inner voice better.

Aquarius – Aquamarine

Aquamarine works on a mental level, assisting the representatives of this sign to speed up their thinking processes and quickly find a solution to any issue. It is also suitable for working on your emotions, especially when there are blocks and difficulties in allowing yourself to trust others. The stone also harmonizes emotions and neutralizes phobias, strengthens friendship, devotion and resolves conflict situations. And most importantly, aquamarine prevents the owner from saying too much.

Pisces – Amethyst

This purple stone represents spiritual wisdom, a typical trait of a water sign. Moreover, amethyst strengthens intuition and protects against negative vibrations, which is ideal for super sensitive Pisces. And finally, the presence of this crystal increases concentration, improving the ability to see the true nature of things. 

Amethyst also promotes grounding when Pisces has their head in the clouds. Plus, the stone is used in magic as a powerful amulet. It reflects negative energy, creating a protective field. It also helps cope with emotional swings and anxiety.

To Wrap It Up

Every year astrology finds more supporters and it’s not surprising. Thanks to it, we discover how to protect our energy and direct it to things that really matter to us. 

How to determine which crystal is best for you? Astrologers say that your own feelings will be the best guide. It will also be useful to familiarize yourself with the properties of stones: compare their features with specific personality traits. Determine what you want to change in yourself, which features to soften or strengthen. Carry stones with you in your bag or simply keep them in your space at home. Analyze your states and over time, you will know which crystal is more suitable for a particular stage of life.

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