Best Calendar App for Couples: Make Scheduling Fun Again with These 5 Options

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Are you in a long-distance relationship or a busy couple and need to stay on top of your schedule? Best calendar app for couples is the perfect solution for those who want to stay organized.

Whether you’re planning your perfect date night or want to sync up your schedules, having a shared calendar can help keep you connected and on the same page. But with so many options, how do you know which is best for you?

We’ve done the research and found five of the best shared calendar apps for couples. Incredibly stylish and user-friendly, these apps make it easy to manage your busy lives.

Which Couples Calendar App is Best for You?

In-built shared calendar apps seem to be as first go-to option, but there are a number of third-party apps that offer better features and more flexibility. Let’s look at the top five calendar apps for couples to find out which one is right for you


cozi app

Cozi is an excellent relationship calendar for busy couples who need to juggle multiple calendars and complex schedules. The app allows users to keep track of their respective plans in an easy-to-use interface and share multiple calendar views, lists and reminders.

Calendar for couples Cozi also provides an extensive range of features, including adding notes, photos, and even grocery shopping lists – making it easier than ever to stay organized. Furthermore, with its color-coded calendars, you can quickly identify whose event belongs to whom at a glance.

Additionally, the shared calendar offers secure cloud storage so all your data is backed up safely – meaning you don’t have to worry about losing important information.

Compatibility: Android and iOS.


Raft app

Raft could be the perfect couples calendar app for you if you’re proactive about managing your relationship and want to ensure your partner is on the same page. Not only does it let you share events with each other, but it also allows you to comment and like items on each other’s calendars.

Shared calendar Raft also makes scheduling a breeze thanks to its drag-and-drop feature, allowing you to quickly adjust event times and locations without any fuss. Additionally, the app comes with various reminder options, so even if one person forgets something important, they won’t miss out!

Relationship Calendar Tip: Customize your calendar by adding photos and GIFs to remind each other of special moments or tasks. Planning wasn’t this fun!

Compatibility: iOS.


between app

Our lives have moved to virtual spaces, and relationships are no exception. Best calendar app for couples, Between helps couples stay connected 24/7 with its private communication platform, allowing you to exchange messages and photos while also setting up reminders and tasks for each other.

The shared calendar tool is just as valuable, featuring daily planner views of events and customizable categories to organize your day-to-day lives better. Moreover, the app allows users to access each others’ calendars with a single tap!

Compatibility: iOS; Android: Windows: macOS


Whee app

Busy schedules of big families can be managed thanks to the best shared calendar app for couple Whee. This app is specifically designed for couples with kids, giving them features like shared calendars, reminders, and task lists with colorful themed icons.

The highlight of this app is its calendar, which offers simple views with hourly, daily or monthly options. You can also view events added by your partner with just a single tap! Relationship calendar is also compatible across iOS devices to stay connected on the go.

Compatibility: iOS.


Couplete app

If you’re looking for a more romantic-focused calendar app for couples, then Couplete is a perfect choice. This app offers a wide range of features for couples to stay connected and up-to-date with each other’s lives.

One great feature of this shared calendar is its relationship tracker. You can track how often you spend time together and what activities you do, and even get personalized tips on keeping your relationship healthy! It also includes shared reminders and task lists – everything you need to keep your life running smoothly as a couple.

Calendar for Couples Tip: Use “Love letter” to write quick notes for your partner or “Wishes” feature to plan out special occasions.

Compatibility: iOS; Android.


Kukini app

This best calendar app for couples helps you stay connected by sharing tasks and notes with each other in real time. You can also keep tabs on your partner’s progress, giving reminders if they forget something!

Kukini also allows users to set up “to-do lists” and “grocery lists” for shared calendar tracking. Couples can also use the “Private Chat” feature to communicate without worrying about others seeing their conversations.

Moreover, if healthy lifestyle choices are essential for you, Kukini’s Activity feature allows couples to log their daily activity. Calendar app for couples Kukini also offers a range of customization options, making its interface user-friendly.

Compatibility: iOS; Android.


Relationships are hard work, and having the best calendar app for couples can be a huge help! Our top 5 calendar apps for couples provide an array of features and customization options to help you and your partner stay organized. So, if you’re looking for the best calendar app for couples tailored to your needs, consider one of our top picks.

Whether it’s syncing schedules, creating grocery lists or communicating privately, shared calendar apps have everything you need to make sure both partners are on the same page. Find out which one works best for your relationship today and make life a little bit easier! 

Happy Organizing!


How to Get the Most Out of my Calendar App?

To get the most out of your shared calendar app, make sure to customize it for your and your partner’s needs. For example, you can add tags to remind yourself and your partner of important events or use shared lists to ensure both of you are aware of all upcoming tasks. These features are essential for the best calendar app for couples.

My Partner and I Use Different Calendar Apps, How Can We Stay on the Same Page?

We recommend you invest some time in finding the best calendar app for couples for the two of you. Make sure to check which platforms each one works on and what features are offered.

What are the Benefits of Using a Calendar App for Couples Instead of Individual Apps?

A shared calendar app can make planning and coordinating daily activities easier. It also allows you to stay up-to-date with each other’s schedules and add events or tasks that need to be completed.

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