Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain And Perrie Edwards Are Engaged After 6 Years Together: Latest News

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It’s been a long time coming for Perrie Edwards Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain! The two have been together for six years, and on a weekend evening, in June 2022, they made it official by getting engaged. This is excellent news for the couple and their families. It’s been a long journey for the two of them, and they are finally ready to take the next step in their relationship.

Perrie Edwards and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s engagement is one of the cutest celebrity love stories out there. This article will give you an insight into their relationship, how they got engaged and what the future holds for them. Read on to learn more about Perrie Edwards Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s engagement.

Zayn and Perrie: He Left Her Over Text Message!

perrie edwards and zayn malik

Why did Zayn Malik leave Perrie Edwards? Before you meet someone special, you have to kiss many frogs. This is something that Perrie Edwards knows all too well. The singer met her now-fiancé, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, five years ago. But unfortunately, before finding her prince, she had to endure a public break-up with former One Direction member Zayn Malik.

Their relationship seemed to be the real deal, and fans were crushed when he tattooed her portrait on his arm. Sounds like true love, right? Unfortunately, it all ended when he broke up with her… over text message! Can you imagine? Perrie said she was “devastated,” and it took her a long time to get over the hurt about Perrie Edwards Zayn’s breakup.

Thankfully, she found solace in her friends and family, as well as in her music. In 2015, she released the song “Shout Out To My Ex” rumored to be about her ex. The lyrics say, “You broke my heart, but I picked up the pieces, and now I’m stronger than ever.”

Destiny must have had something else in store for Perrie because in 2016, she met Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. He’s a professional soccer player who plays for the Premier League club, Liverpool. They kept their relationship relatively private at first, but by 2016 they revealed that they were indeed dating even though Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik were still engaged.

How Did Alex Oxlade Chamberlain and Perrie Edwards Meet?

Little Mix Perrie Edwards and Alex are one of the cutest couples in the world of sports and entertainment. They met in 2016 at BT Sport Interview when she was a member of the hugely popular girl group Little Mix, and he was playing football for Liverpool. It was love at first sight for both of them; they’ve been together ever since.

They say that you never know where you’ll meet your soulmate. But for one couple, their story is proof of that adage. The two met six years ago, under what could be considered pretty wild circumstances. But despite the odds, they hit it off immediately and have been inseparable ever since.

And now, after six years of dating, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Perrie Edwards are finally engaged. It shows that sometimes, the most unlikely circumstances can lead to the most beautiful outcomes.

A Timeline Of Perrie Edwards Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s Relationship: From Cute Dates To Moving Houses

How did Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Perrie  Edwards meet? It all started back in 2016 when they were first spotted on a string of dates together. They quickly became one of our favorite celebrity couples and had been going strong ever since. Here’s a look back at their relationship so far.

2016: The Year It All Began

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Perrie Edwards have been dating for several months. They were first spotted together at an X-Factor event in 2016 when Perrie performed alongside Little Mix, and Alex supported his girlfriend on stage! Alex has even said that Perrie is the best thing ever to him.

2017: The Year They Made Their Debut On Instagram

perrie and alex

In February 2017, Little Mix Perrie Edwards posted a picture of an intimate moment between her and Alex on Instagram. The photo showed the couple kissing with the Eiffel tower in the background. It was a beautiful and romantic moment, perfectly captured in the picture.

Fans quickly pointed out how romantic it looked and flooded the comments section with positive messages. Perrie herself seemed very happy in the photo and captioned it simply with “Him.”

2018: The Year They Moved In Together

In January 2018, Perrie Edwards’ boyfriend moved into her house. A source told The Sun, “They have been working away a lot recently, so it made sense for them to move in together.

They are pleased and excited about the next step in their relationship.” The couple didn’t confirm it, but their Instagram stories showed they were cozying up in the same house!

2021:The Year They Had Their First Baby: Little Mix Perrie Edwards’ Baby

perrie and baby

In August 2021, the pair welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Axel Oxlade-Chamberlain. They say that having a baby is one of the most significant events in a couple’s life. And for Perrie Edwards and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, that certainly seems to be the case!

The news was announced on Alex’s Instagram account with an adorable photo of the newborn holding onto her hands. Judging by its looks, it seems like the couple is smitten with their new bundle of joy. Congratulations to the happy family

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain And Perrie Edwards Are Engaged

Since the birth of Axel Oxlade-Chamberlain, fans have been speculating about the relationship between the stars. Some say that things are more than serious, and it’s time for an engagement. However, others believe that the couple is just enjoying their new life as parents and aren’t ready to take things to the next level.

However, in 2022, after six long years of dating, the couple confirmed they were engaged! It all started back in 2016 when they first met. They hit it off immediately and have been inseparable ever since. Over the years, they’ve gone on countless adventures together and have experienced both the highs and lows of life as a team.

Now, Perrie Edwards’s boyfriend is more in love with her than ever, and they are excited to take the next step in their relationship. The engagement took place on a beautiful summer day, and the proposal was perfect. So let’s take a look back at the couple’s special day.

How Perrie Edwards’ Boyfriend Proposed to Her: Intimate Moments

Alex and Perrie

After six years together, in June 2022, Perrie Edwards’s boyfriend finally proposed to her. He did it in the most romantic way possible- he took her on vacation on a luxury island. He was waiting for her on the beach, and the sunset was just beginning to fall. “I couldn’t have imagined a perfect way to ask the love of my life to marry me,” Alex said. He got down on one knee as she approached and proposed with a stunning diamond ring.

“I’m so happy that I can finally call you my fiancé,” he said, his voice full of emotion. “I love you so much.” So it was a new beginning for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Perrie Edwards.

Perrie was surprised and emotional when he slipped the ring on her finger- she even started crying! “This is the best day of my life,” she replied, her voice shaking with happiness.

Of course, Perrie said yes! The couple hugged and kissed as they celebrated their engagement. They then enjoyed the rest of their vacation in paradise before returning home to share the news with the world. It was a moment they would never forget and sealed their love for eternity.

Perrie Edwards Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Engagement: Most Stunning Photos

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Perrie Edwards began their journey as a couple six years ago. They have taken the next step in their relationship by getting engaged! The happy couple announced their engagement on Instagram with a series of stunning photos.

We’re in Love With Each Other and the World

Perrie Edwards Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Engagement

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Perrie Edwards’ photos are gorgeous! There’s something about a sunset that just makes everything feel more romantic. The colors of the sky, the way the light wraps around everything… it’s no wonder that so many couples choose to watch the sun go down together. In this photo, the couple embraces each other while standing in front of a beautiful sunset.

The way they look at each other… you can feel the love between them. Perrie is wearing a plain black dress, and Alex is wearing a loose white shirt and pants. They both look delighted!

When You Know, You Just Know

perrie's engagement

Perrie Edwards’ boyfriend is on one knee in the second photo, proposing to Perrie. She looks surprised and happy- probably because she hadn’t expected him to pop the question! The two of them are very much in love, and this moment is just a testament to that. It’s always so beautiful to see two people deeply in love and willing to commit to spending the rest of their lives together.

Putting the Finishing Touches on Our Love Story

Perrie Edwards Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Engagement

The third photo is a beautiful close-up of the Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Perrie Edwards putting on the rings. You can see their lovely silhouettes as they take this momentous step in their relationship. They look content and happy! It’s such a unique and intimate moment, and it’s lovely that the photographer captured it beautifully.

Gentle Kiss Is All We Need to Feel the Love

Perrie Edwards Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Engagement

The fourth is of Perrie Edwards Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain sharing a gentle kiss. Even though the rest of the photos were great, this one captures the essence of their love for each other. They look so in love and happy! This is a moment that they will cherish forever. Just looking at this photo makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I Said Yes to My Best Friend and the Love of My Life

perrie's ring

The fifth and final photo is Perry Edwards’ engagement ring, the most beautiful diamond ring on her finger! It’s so sparkly and perfect! I’m sure that Alex put a lot of thought into picking out the ideal ring for his bride-to-be. Judging by the size and sparkle of the diamond, I’d say that he succeeded!

The ring looks like it was made for her. I’m sure that their wedding will be just as beautiful and romantic as the engagement photo shoot.

Congratulation From Friends to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Perrie Edwards

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Perrie Edwards have many loving friends. Instagram quickly filled with congratulatory messages for the happy couple. Some of Alex’s teammates took to social media to share their well-wishes. Fellow Liverpool player and good friend of Ox, Andrew Robertson, commented on the post with several emojis. “Get in there, lad,” he wrote alongside a ring emoji and two clapping hands emojis.

In addition, England international Jordan Henderson congratulated the couple, noting, “Lovely news. So happy for you both.”

When news of Perrie Edwards’ engagement to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain broke, her bandmates were quick to offer their congratulations. Leigh-Anne Pinnock was one of the first to take to social media, commenting on Perrie Edwards Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s announcement photo with a heartfelt message of congratulations. She wrote: “SO happy for you both. You deserve all the happiness in the world.”

Jade Thirlwall, another Little Mix member, sent love emojis in Perrie’s engagement post. Jesy Nelson, the fourth and final member of Little Mix, has not publicly congratulated Edwards as of this writing.

However, Nelson liked Edwards’ post and posted several photos on her own Instagram Stories of her with Edwards and Thirlwall from when the group was still together. It’s unclear what the status of Nelson and Edwards’ relationship is, but it seems like there’s no bad blood between the two women.


After six years together, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Perrie Edwards are finally engaged. The couple has been through a lot together, but they seem stronger than ever. With their wedding sure to be a star-studded affair, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two lovebirds.

Perrie and Alex met in 2016 and started dating shortly afterward. They’ve been through ups and downs but always stuck by each other. They’re finally ready to take the next step in their relationship and marry.

We’re sure their wedding will be wonderful. With both of them being such huge stars, there are a lot of A-list guests in attendance. We wish Perrie Edwards Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain all the best for their future together! Thanks for reading!

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